I love the way their perfume wafts through the house and off my wrists whenever they stay

Sunday 28; March, 1999

“We’ve got to stop having phonesex” – Jo
Okay, what have I been up to all weekend? Um, friday night I smoked a lot of drugs here then we went to Shirley’s for drinks. I felt like I was being kinda quiet, but no one else commented. On the contrary, they thought I was on fire dishing out bitchy lines. I provide the entertainment for the group, it seems.

Andee Amy and Ren met us there, coming up from Hammy to spend the weekend. So yeah, we hung out there till like 12.30am then came home and sat around yacking and shit. Me and Andee and Ren went to Dondons at 3, but they wouldn’t serve us when we tried walking through the drive in. Stink huh? I went to bed when we got home, but they kept me awake cos I could hear them through the walls. Then like at 5am Leyton and two of his bogan friends came thumping home, and made even more noise. Grrrrrrr.

And yet somehow we got up before 11am. Apparently the bogans had thought I was a 12 year old because they saw Spiceworld lying around. One of the fuckers kept giving me weird looks which I told him off for behind his back “Don’t look at me like that in MY house”.

Andee Amy, Ren and I went to Newmarket, cos we desperatly needed electricity (weirdass swipe card system). Andee and Ren wanted to shop, Amy really didn’t, and I could swing both ways (oh really? – editorial comment) so we went up to Village 8 and found out that ‘Shakespeare in Love’ was playing in ten minutes time, so me and Amy got tickets for that, cos I’ve been wanting to see it for ages.

And god, it was gorgeous. Such a beaaaaaaaautiful love story. I got all snivelly when they were doing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the end. I want Joseph Fiennes to write poetry for meeeeeeeeee. He was so beautiful too. Mmmmmmm. So yeah, throughly enjoyed that movie experiance.

Saturday night we bummed around, them all watching the cricket and the wrestling. And then they watched Chasing Amy, which I’ve seen like a billion times so I went online. But I still chuckled at Leyton’s very uneasy reactions.

My wrist hurts. Yeah, too much wanking. Either that or too much time spent on the computer.

Yaaaaaay I go to Wellington on Friday. So so so excited! Can’t wait.

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