Tuesday 30; March, 1999

Man, why is no one saying anything memorable to me anymore? Maybe I should just quote songs.

Kini! Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack please!
I had to move all my games into the recycling bin tonight because I was trying to write my essay on TV news. So, because I couldn’t play games, and because our second line is fucked (as in, there’s no dial tone) I had to rediscover Paint when I got bored. Here’s my gorgeous works of art.

Fuck I’m talented. I mean, seriously seriously gifted. Clayton just begged my essay off me. It’s hard to say no to a guy who looks that sweaty. Him and Sisi had hockey practice tonight, you see.

Ummm. Okay, I had a real nothing of a day, basically. Tell you what – as well as looking at my gorgeous artwork, you can read my essay too.

My hand so hurts from RSI/OSS or whatever you wanna call it. I’ve gotta stop doing this computery thing so much.

I’m so struggling for a conversational topic here. I give up.

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