Life is Beautiful

Wednesday 31; March, 1999

Brad: “Eye patches are sexy”

Me: “Now I know what to wear when I want some Brad-Action”

Brad “What’s Brad-Action?”
Me: “I don’t know, and I don’t want to”

(Have microphone, telephone and computer recording; will get silly)
There are THREE, count ’em, THREE new sets of tits on the breast page now. Boy oh boy, it’s really umm “taking off”.

I had a really good day today. I saw a really good movie, called “Life is Beautiful”. Maybe it was a little too good. It was in Italian so I had to concentrate and read all the subtitles. But that’s okay, except it was really funny, and I read quite fast so I felt like I was making a fool out of myself laughing before everyone else.

Then I had a coffee after that and so got all hyped up on the caffiene. When I went to Radio Production, I was like spinning around in my seat cos I was all energised up. Everyone was laughing at me. That’s typical though. Shirley wasn’t there, so I rang her cos we have phones in the classroom, and the tutor laughed at her. That amused me lots.

Ummmm came home and Simon and John (his cute friend) were stoned and watching cartoons – but thankfully not grrrrrrr Pokemon. I spent like ages cooking risotto to use all of our fresh veges. Only one more class before I get to go hooooooooooome! So excited about that. Gonna see my momma and my dadda and my sistahs and my kittie kat and drink Wellington coffee and not have to see the Lurker for a whole two weeks. Plus it’ll be good for my finances to not be paying kitty and to be able to work a little bit and to maybe scab some funds.

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