Bach without Electricity

Saturday 3; April, 1999

“Alexander was suprised to find Darius and his armies in his rear” – That’s from some book we had to read in classics, and it was mine and Penny’s longstanding favourite line ever cos we’re silly little girls, and anyways, I taught it to Karen and we said it lots yesterday. So there.
Okay, so I looked at the last entry I wrote using this notepad thingie, and there are no paragraphs in it. So, I might try and put some in. No, actually I won’t. One day when Annette is online, I will ask her, because she rocks lots. She fixed up my journal index page for me, so I love her. And I’d put in a great big link to her page right now, but that’s too htmly for me, so just go to, there’s a good chap. Okay, and oh yeah, you’re going to have to bear with me about the paragraphs too, sorry. Tonight I’m finally going to Axolotl. I can’t believe I haven’t been already despite having been in Welly for like 4 days. I guess the fact that Anji isn’t here might be one reason why I haven’t. Yesterday, being that most religious of holidays, Chocolate Day, I spent a lot of quality time with Karen. We played Monopoly, only we changed the rules around completly. She had all the money, and I had all of the land. It didn’t really work much. Many notes got ripped in half in the ensuing fights. We also played Speed, and I kicked her ass at it. Mummy read us the Teletubbies book I gave her for Xmas. It’s kinda weird cos she was wearing cargo pants all day – such a teenager. Easter Television is really shite. This computer is shite too. And yet I seem to be spending an awful long time on it. Just as well I’m not on Xtra, running up my bills more and more every day. Um that’s about all I have to say, I think. Anything else I wrote would just be going on and on about how good the food and love is here. Oh I know what I can say – I’ve been cranking up Anji’s “Topless Women Talk About Their Lives” cd everyday because basically, jangly guitar pop rocks, and no one does it better than flying nun bands.

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