Thursday 8; April, 1999

“This is a recorded announcement. Your call cannot be answered at this time due to overloading. Please try again later” – damn you Ihug! Like I haven’t got better things to do that wait on you. Oh wait. I haven’t.
I know I haven’t been very regular about this whole journal thing. If the truth is to be told, I just really can’t be bothered. I mean, like everyone is off on holiday anyways, and I hate hate hate writing in HTML. Besides, I don’t have all that much to say. I mean sure, usually my journals don’t say anything anyways, but I don’t really feel like writing out now what’s most on my mind. Some thoughts just shouldn’t be shared with the whole world, you know? And because I’m not writing about that, I sorta feel like writing anything would just be dishonest. But still, I guess I can say vague things, about what I’ve been up to and so forth.

Hmmmm. Oh yeah. I did nothing today, except for sleep in until 3pm. That was luxurious, but I felt filthylazy after. Oh well. Such is life, eh? Yesterday I had family bonding day with my sisters. First I met up with Karen for lunch. She was a bit grumpy though cos I was late, and cos my friend Hulita and her little sister came too, and cos they put a poached egg (ewwwwwwww) in her Caesar Salad. Which is all fair enough I guess. It was darn funky to see Hulita though. Hopefully she’s going to come up to Auckland to see Placebo with me. Well, I’ve already got someone to go with, but it’d be nice to see her too. After lunch I went up to Anji’s flat (well, actually it’s Karen’s flat and Anji’s just camping in the lounge – and I mean literally camping almost cos I had to help her set up a tent to dry it out but anyways, this sentence is becoming far too long winded) and we had a great big long gossip, as you can only do with an older sister. So yeah, that was good. Then we went and picked up Karen and Neil after work and came home for a family dinner.

So that was yesterday, and today was nothing, and tommorrow I’m working in the Potter’s Shop again. Oh yeah and apparently, my aunt might have some work for me at the Ministry of Education next week, which’ll save me from doing two shop duties, and it pays like twice as much as well. So that’d be good, cos I can always do with more money. Um yeah. Okay, that’s all. Hardly worth coming here, was it?

xoxoxoxo – I promise that when I get back to Auckland and get my head around a few things, my journals will get up to scratch again.

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