Wednesday 21; April, 1999


International Give Stuff To Joanna And Kini Day – April 22nd

A day based on pure greed. After whining about a lack of gifts on Valentines Day, IGSTJAKD was born.

So yeah. That’s all there is to it really.

Give us stuff. Please.


I have a new UIN number, everyone. It is 36898500. Add me. You know you wanna.

I had to get the new number cos ICQ was conspiring to keep me apart from Annette. And then Thomas. Who knows who would have been next if I hadn’t made the change.

Do it for the children.

Oh yeah and my new email address is vanilla@essence.co.nz . But it just mirrors to my old one, so that’s okay. It looks choice though yeah? And is superclassy.

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