Nipple lickin good!

Wednesday 21; April, 1999

comes across all shy and coy
Oh jeez, I haven’t written in a while, huh? Hmmmmm. Where to start, eh, where to start?

Okay, I got a Wammo Post Beta award – 4/5 stars and apparently I’m nipple licking good. But for the record, I am sure I have NEVER EVER said “Eat Me”. Like, never in my life even, not just on my webpage.

But hell, then again, the wammo and a bite of Clayton’s icecream was all I got for International Give Stuff to Joanna and Kini Day. Apart from the virtual stuff Kini sent me, of course. But that goes without saying, because she rocks, and apparently the rest of you don’t.

Ummmmmmm what else? Oh yeah, I interviewed Annette on thursday for my radio production assignment, and once I managed to get the equipment working (simple solution: change computers) it went fabulously. And I cut it all together something brilliant on Friday morning.

Friday night was, obviously PLACEBO. And oh my god Brian Molko is sexy. I was just about weak at the knees at how turned on ‘My Sweet Prince’ made me. Me and Thomas were standing right at the back, where we had an awesome view, but the crowd was really spac and fully not getting into the music at all. There were these A&R guys standing right behind us, who just kept on talking and talking a load of wanking shit, so loudly. It was fully not on, so in ‘Teen Angst” I turned around and was like “there are like a million places in Auckland you can go to talk about Golf, why do you have to do it here?” They suggested I go up the front, and talked loudly for like another 20 seconds to prove that they weren’t shutting up for me, but then they were quiet. Which is good. Because they sucked.

So yeah, the concert was very cool – I mighta liked it better had I been in a little bit deeper, but I wasn’t really in the mood to be knocked around, and the eye candy on stage definatly needed oggling. Ummmm I don’t know what else to say about it. Very choice stuff though. Amazingly crafted songs, brilliant lyrics. I just wish that the songs that I love by them weren’t quite so needy. I mean, I wanna relate, but I wanna be stronger than that too.

When I got home via taxi (“no girl should have to catch the Otara bus alone at this time of night”) Kate was over, watching videos with Si and Clayt, and the Lurker. They were watching Freeway which is like one of the stupidest movies ever, so her and Si were quick to leave it to smoke drugs with me. Not that I do drugs, of course, me being a model citizen and all. I just wanted to go to bed though, especially when i found out they were watching Jackie Brown next (boooooring!). I’m so petty, cos the reason I couldn’t stand Freeway (well, there were lots of them, but the MAIN reason) was cos Keifer Sutherland kept turning the steering wheel from side to side in the shots of him driving, and NO ONE drives like that, except for little kids pretending to. And one of the MAIN things I hated about Jackie Brown was her lipstick. So yeah, bed was a much better option.

I care about you more than I could ever tell you. You’re so special to me. Thank you for everything.

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