International Give Stuff to Joanna and Kini Day

Tuesday 20; April, 1999

International Give Stuff To Joanna And Kini Day – April 22nd

A day based on pure greed. After whining about a lack of gifts on Valentines Day, IGSTJAKD was born.

So yeah. That’s all there is to it really.

Give us stuff. Please.


Isn’t it weird when you think something’s going to be different, but then it isn’t but it should be but maybe it shouldn’t be.

Yes. I agree. Okay, I’m going to go do my washing now.

Well some of it is on now, so I am back.

I rocked my PR tutorial today. My group liked my assignment idea of providing a free lunch for students for one day, and the idea evolved into breakfast for business people, and also a scavenger hunt. Long story, but it’ll all work out great. Oh and TUTORIAL D people – yes, you know who you are. Don’t even THINK of stealing that idea. We’ll know if you do. We also designed a really quick campaign for a vineyard, and well, ours rocked too. Shame it was just a class exercise, cos we had everything sussed.

Then I bussed home and felt really sad, for no real good reason. I still kinda do. I’m such a wuss.

Oh well, I’ll get over it.


Oh yeah and DO remember International Give Stuff to Joanna and Kini Day. April 22nd. That’s this thursday, people.


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