you’re a real winner mate!

Monday 3; May, 1999

“What wouldn’t I give to be involved in an orgy! Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?” – Lurker

Make it STOP Mummy, make it STOP!
Ick ick ick ick ick ick ick. I feel so nauseous now. Yuuuuuuuck. Ewwwwww. Blaaaargh. Puke puke puke.

That’s what he thought .org stood for. Oh yes, it’s Q&A time again for the idiot.

Jesus wept, man. HA! I was just making jokes about everyone putting restraining orders on Simon, and Leyton just goes “man wouldn’t that suck?”. I sat here giggling thinking “did you know that all of our friends have forbiddon us from telling you where they live, leyton?”

I had a really ace day today. Just constant smiles because of the sunshine and stuff. In our radio lecture, John and Nathan from ICE TV/ (ick) Auckland Channel Z came to give us a lecture. It was quite amusing. Yeah. And then in TV Prod, we had the chick that does the programming for TV4 – our so-called “yoof” channel. Which she denied. I liked her a lot. She seemed to have a clue. I should have asked her to show re-runs of “my so called life”.

Um yeah. What else? Not that much else. Lounge is still wet and smelly. I had a great idea for tshirts, spurred on by the conversations in Annette’s guestbook. How cool would it be to have my breast scan stuck onto a tshirt? It’d be VERY cool, that’s what.

Oh shit, I completly forgot to mention the fact that I won a SODA. That’s a Site Of the Day Award. Go here to read about it. Oh, and also to Robyn’s page because it’s all thanks to her.

I also won a faux fur collar from . I’m such a winner, mate!

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