Faking It

Tuesday 4; May, 1999

“I’m Purity, hit me again”

Hole; ‘Jennifer’s Body’
I’m actually lying about the date on the top of the page. It’s currently the fifth, and it’s like lunchtime and I’m listening to Hole and eating leftover stirfry from a few nights ago, pausing in my essay until Clayton finishes his lunch, turns off the tv and goes away. Which he’s done now, but I’ve started this so I may as well finish.

See, I did actually write a journal entry yesterday, but no, I’m not uploading that, cos it was far too personal and too paranoid. Mood swings again. I wish my period would just fucking hurry up and show itself so that I can stop with all this goddam preMS. Oh yeah, I’ll just add in that I’m not LATE, just irregular.

Mmm, there’s some nice self disclosure for you. But yes, back to my day yesterday. Both my mass comm lecture and tutorial were canceled, so I decided to flag PR as well, and stay at home to ‘work on my essay’. Instead, however, I found myself having a Tori mood, taking to my bed and listening to Little Earthquakes and having a general good all-around cry, as people need to have every so often. So yeah, very little work got done on my essay. But that’s okay, though. It was so cold I snuggled up under an eiderdown to watch Shortland Street and Pop Stars. I wonder if people that I used to know a while ago might think that I’m the Jo on the show. We’re quite similar, I think. Even the way we cry. Except I’m taller and I can’t sing, and she has bigger breasts. Speaking of breasts, apparently my breast page got the most hits out of anything on Vision this past month. So go figure. Not many people are signing its guestbook anyways. Or my guestbook, for that matter. Yes, that was a hint.

Kate came around in the evening so that we could work on our essays together. That was choice, cos we had a good talk before hand, and I caught up on her intriguing gossip and scandels. Gosh and golly gee, her tutorial group is just slightly different from mine! My mother rang while she was here, and Kate was sitting there yelling out for my mum to call hers to get gossip on me, so I told Mum that Kate’s going out with Leyton. I don’t think even Mum would believe that though. But it was funny when Kate wanted to steal some of the wedges Lurker was eating so she had to talk to him for like five minutes. I know I was giggling my head off then, while hiding under the blankets. Oh wait, I’m so fully jumping the gun.

Right,yes. So after I’d managed to get rid of my mother, Kate and I had multiple cups of coffee, and brainstormed our large essay plan for: Critics accuse talk radio of misinforming the public. Discuss the role and impact of talkback radio on society, and quote examples of talk programmes you have heard to back up your arguments. Why are politicians concerned about talk radio? Discuss the various styles of talk, again using examples of local programs you have heard and compare the contrasting styles of at least three Auckland-based hosts. It’s supposed to be 5000 words, you see. Kate and I work fabulously together, and we came up with some really good ideas, and got each section of it planned out, and were discussing examples when Si and Clayt got home from Hockey practice, and considerably interupted us. Clayt thought it would be a good idea to try and scab off our ideas, but he was just kinda annoying, cos we just had such a good system going on before he messed it all up. So Kate and I went out for some Patio Recreation instead. I’m sick and have the start of a cough coming on anyways.

Afterwards, she went down to use the bathroom, and I went and sat back on the bed in the lounge, and decided it’d be a really amusing idea to hide from her, so I pulled the blankets up over me, and told Si, who was geeking away, not to tell her where I’d gone. Kate got waylaid in the kitchen by the smell of the wedges Leyton was cooking, and was forced to talk to him for ages to get some. Simon and I sat laughing, me singing “was she asking for it? was she asking nice?”. Then she came back into the lounge, and didn’t say anything for a while, until, being the good bitch that she is, she asked Simon ‘hey si – where did Jo go?”. Hahahah fuck she cracks me up.

Our work had deterorated considerably, then, so she gave Si the keys to her car so he could get us some dondons. I went to the geekmachine to scan/print out our notes so we’d each have a copy. That took ages. Then she left. Then I went and played the demo of Tekken 2 for a long time because I felt like kicking some ass. So I did.

Someone just sent me an emailexpress message on ICQ directing me to teensluts.com.

“The only time a bitch should open her mouth is when she’s giving a blowjob”

“All the girls are sucking cock, eating pussy, and getting fucked up the ass. Now that I’m 18, it’s my turn too”.

“She is finally legal! She’s been in school waiting for her dream fuck….. School’s out, her pussy is wet, her ass is lubed – FUCK HER NOW”

I should probably stop now before someone thinks I have a genuine interest and sends me more addresses (DON’T!) Ick – do people really enjoy something that tacky and bad?

I’m getting a domain. I just need someone to make me a good offer.

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