Special (as in “you are VERY”)

Wednesday 5; May, 1999

Jo is wise. Jo is kind. Jo is good. I love Jo . Although I do find myself wondering how it is that she is more persuasive than me. But then again, the ends justifys the means and all that.

Yes I am talking in inside ‘jokes’ again. Do you know why? It’s 11.40pm and I still need 2000 words more on my 5000 word essay. I’m holding out till Lurker fucks off to bed and till Si stops with his fucking loud and annoying psx playing. My essay is going well, though. I’m up to the last part of the question, and it shouldn’t be too hard to write. Then I’ll add in more quotes and examples and references, maybe and it’ll all be sweetass bro.

Oh yeah I remember now why I stopped writing it in the first place – I had to look for a bag of biscuits. Not for me, mind you. Simon was eating like most of the bag of peanut brownies, and then he misplaced it and Clayt wanted it and they were all being so pathetic and didn’t even think of looking right next to Simon’s chair. Arrrrrg! Morons I tell you.

Boy it’s been a long time since I’ve been to tech. But I will go tommorrow. And to Brad’s comedy act at the Manifesto at 11pm. All of you, come along, okay?

I’m so sulking because like NO ONE has updated their journals and so now I have to go finish my essay. Selfish bastards. I was working on Clayt’s computer in his room before. It’s scary – covered in assorted comics merchandise and he was turning a Rolling Stones cd into mp3s as I talked. Ick Ick Ick!

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