I’m a trifle bored My, aren’t these colours pretty? okay, so I’m getting creative I think I have too much time
I am grumpy I fell asleep in the middle of a lecture an uncomfortable one too I hate my television group
I feel ignored I hate the fact that I have no voice I dislike Nigel immensly for that I don’t want to have imput now
All I want to do is pass that’s all that really matters I guess I did a good interview shame it won’t be used.

I’m going to do a lot of typing in here to fill in the space, but I’m going to be like supertricking and write it in a white font so that only clever people like YOU can read it. Woaaaaaaah man, I’m so cutting edge. Oh yeah negro. Fuck yes.





Eeek. I’m not even on drugs. Just ummmmm super tired maybe? I did nap this afternoon.

I like taking naps.

Stop rambling! Jesus Girl!

Okay, do you know what I’m filling in space for? I’m wanting to put a photo in that Amy sent me. But it’s in icky colours and I don’t want it to clash with my very cool table. That’s why I’m filling the gaps with all this garbage.

I’m going to stretch out the photo so that I look better. We’re not really sitting that close I don’t think. That’s Ren, me and Simon at A&A’s house in Hammie. The night I got food poisoning. Yeah motherfucking Yoda and Shit.

I am a sexy beast

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