Tuesday 11; May, 1999

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Yes, again I changed my journal layout. Still not happy with this. But it will do for now.

Today started out as the day from Hell. My eyes/lenses did their old trick of making me go blind, and today, the blackouts made me nauseous as well. Choice. Ta, I loved it lots.

I had to go into tech at 9am to miss my Mass Comm lecture that I haven’t been to in weeks, in order to go to the York Street Studios in Shortland Street (confused yet?) to film a band called Delta making their music video. When I got off the bus, I realised that two of my three shirt buttons were undone. And then it started raining on me. Oh, Kapai!

Must stop saying that word. When we finally arrived at the studios, (Sacha having her car rocked, not knowing where we were going didn’t) we sat around for ages, getting in people’s ways and making me cringe lots. So that sucked. Then we went downstairs to a dressing room, and interviewed Andrew from Delta, and that was cool. Another superbly handled interview, if I do say so myself. Move over Janet Wilson from 60 Minutes. I don’t care whether you gave us an interesting lecture or not. Oh yes, and did I mention that we saw Boh Runga? And umm some other famous guy too. And Sacha was almost wetting her pants in excitement cos we could hear girls singing, and she thought it was True Bliss recording a song, but we figured it was probably just a True Bliss song being mixed and stuff, without their presence. (For those of you that don’t know, True Bliss are the NZ Spice Girls, currently starring in a documentary on TV that me, Annette, Jo and Olivia all follow passionatly).

I was glad when we were told that we’d just get in the way filming the filming of the video, because I hate getting in people’s ways. So we decided to go to Victoria Park Markets for lunch. I had a really disappointed kebab, and eyed the boys’ Chinese food in jealousy. Then as we were leaving, you’ll never guess who we spotted. That’s right – True Bliss! Without Carly, which was cool, cos no one likes her. So we followed them around for a bit, being the stalkers that we are. It wasn’t my fault, honest.

Back to tech in time for PR. I passed my assignment – yay. We had to do an exercise on organising the 100th year reunion for (fictional) Warkworth College, so that was mildly entertaining. What do I know about Warkworth? Um – it’s a long way away . And that’s about it. But I was working with Derek which makes for aaah a great deal of entertainment.

Sacha gave me a ride home after class, which was superbly cool, and quick. Except, of course, for the fact that her car radio only goes up to 90 on the dial, so we had to listen to Mai FM. I still have Brittany Spears in my head “HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME”.

I got home and Si’s friend Jon was here, which was cool cos I like him. Oh, and lounge furniture was all stacked up in the patio, and the carpet underlay was hanging out to dry on the fence. The landlord had been around and left us a loud blowy thing. Jon moved the tv back under the dining table after Pokemon while I was on the computer so I said “while you’re down there….” He said “well I would, but I haven’t brushed my teeth.” So that seemed like a good excuse.

Our carpet is rippling like something out of Fear&Loathing in Las Vegas. I swear I’m not on drugs, although maybe I should be.

The TV and sofa are in my room now. I’m happy because I’ve learnt how to do my favourite moves on Tekken 2, and it’s not just random hitting of buttons either.

I don’t have much else to do, you see. Am I paranoid in thinking that he has no time for me not because he has no time?

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