Hit Me Baby One More Time

Tuesday 18th May 1999

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Contact lenses stung when I first put them in, so I scooped them out straight away. I think I must take them in to an optomotrist for a proffesional clean. But before I do that, I think I should probably get a new io-disc. That’d be far cheaper, aI’m sure.

Oh just FUCK OFF lurker. I hate him. Grrrr. He can’t even sit on the floor, he’s that unco-ordinated. The rest of us languish around in our junk-shooting atmospheric lounge. There’s only the tvs, psx and a mattress in it, you see. But oh no, he has to sit on a stool. Grrrrr. Getting on my wick in a big way. Hence the random outburst, you see.

Okay, moving on to happy thoughts. Hmmmmm.

Oh yes! Best moment of the day goes to watching Nigel and Peter’s jaws drop to the ground when I told them about the best way to make a profit using a scanner. Hahahahah fuck it was great. Going for shock value is too easy though, I think.

I finished PR an hour earlier than I’d expected, so I decided to go get my hair cut. It wasn’t such a random thought – Sacha and Shirley were both going on about their plans for haircuts (although they were going to classy establishments, unlike me) and my hair was a mess . So off I went to the Cut Above Academy I went.

I didn’t like the chick who did it for me. She didn’t ask the right questions. She let my wet hair drip down my back, and whack across my face. Her and the tutor didn’t consult me on how long I wanted it in the front. She cut it shorter at the back than I wanted it. But still, it looks choice now, and smells all shiny and stuff, and it was only $10. So that’s okay. It’s fun watching all the drama in the salon. Of course, the problem with the academy is of course that if the people there have had a bad day, they take it out on you. I got such a paddling from the chick that was brushing/blowdrying my hair, man. She ignored me when i said “ouch”. And believe me, it takes a LOT of pain for me to admit to it when someone’s hurting me.

Bus home, yadda yadda yadda. Two new pairs of titties up online. Olivia knows them both. She thought I was afraid to meet her – which I’m not. Feesical Challenge. Go on, I DARE you to arrange a meeting, Olivia! She sent me a Brittany Spears MP3, which I have listened to more times than I care to admit.

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