Tuesday 25; May, 1999

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Oh oh oh!

I forgot to mention this before, so i’m writing a may25b entry now.

Penny rang me after Pop Stars, and we had a good chat. She told me that she’d been talking to Jaime, who was this guy from Onslow, who’s now in the army, and it turns out he’s like really good friends with this guy called Demi. (ewww shudder). Apparently, he said something to her like “didn’t Joanna like attack Demi and try and rape him?”. Um, no.

Best Rumours I’ve heard about me:

1. Joanna tied a sixth grader to the wall and tried to kill them with a pair of scissors in a Satanic ritual.

2. Joanna gave out ecstacy tablets to everyone at her pre-ball.

3. Joanna had sex with a 29 year old Yugoslavian guy on Abby’s lawn.

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