Propose to Me

Wednesday 26; May, 1999

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I’ve finished my essay now. Trouble is, it’s like 1000 words too short. Shite. Back to the drawing board with this one, I do believe. Soon. I will go play tekken 2 demo for a little bit firstly though. Then work on the essay for another hour until 2am. Then go to bed and perserve in the morning.

I stayed at home all day today, basically working on my essay most of the time.

I took the required break to watch TV though – gosh, Shortland Street looks SO good tomorrow that I’m almost tempted not to go in and proofread craccum. However, I do have to go in to get me some copies of this week’s issue, because, as Clayton showed me, they did publish my Star Wars editorial after all. So Yay me.

Friends was on after Shortland Street, and Chandler proposed to Monica, which just made me go “awwwww” cos I felt like having a big sook moment. So I asked Clayt and Si to propose to me, but they didn’t. Bastards. Clayt DID go get me a moritz though, so I guess I will partially forgive him.

I had lots of stinky thoughts today about stinky people in my past. Iiick. Arrggh. Blaaargh. Everything should be so much better now. I just wish…

Well, actually, I don’t even know what I wish. I wish that I didn’t take everything so personally. Yeah, that’s what I wish. And that I wasn’t so pathetically needy.

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