inside a giant baked potato (AKA the north shore events centre)

Saturday 29; May, 1999

email ` gbook ` i-seek-you ` handwriting
Beastie Boys were cool, and now my feet hurt. I was going to write up a huge concert synopsis of every major concert I’ve been to, because I’ve had it running through my head for a long time, but I can’t now. Maybe some other day.

Si was lovely and drove me and Karen to the Shore for the concert, and picked us up again after. He rox0rs. Even if he did write on the fridge that I’m a jedi nubian god. Although I guess there’s nothing wrong with that.

Apparently, Lurker had four friends over this evening, and they will no doubt be returning here at some ungodly hour, and intending on sleeping in the lounge. They are SO wrong. I’m in no mood for fucking moronic boys. I wish I was a tekken character. Jun, probably. Then I’d kick some serious ass.

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