Skanky Hoe

Tuesday 1; June, 1999

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Olivia is such a bitch man. A skankier hoe I have never met.

Ummmmm what else did I do today? Not a whole lot. More crisis management work in PR. I wrote a script this morning for our television production thingie. I’m going to be interviewing Nichola Loverich, one of the top freelance makeup artists in the country. She also just happens to be Sacha’s cousin.

So that’s cool.

In the evening, Si and I went over to Kate’s flat to watch Shortland Street and Popstars. I wish people came up to me in the streets asking for MY autograph.

Then I went to the Open Late Cafe to meet a bunch of geeks. There’s simply no way to phrase it nicely. (you know I’m teasing). I didn’t have a whole lot to say though, although Annette and I did sit there giggling for a while.

Marissa, Kate and Si drove up on the pavement to pick me up. They’re freaks, man. Then we picked up Theresa and went to some place on High Street for coffee.

Then Si and I came home.

Shit, what a boring entry this has been.

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