Monday 31; May, 1999

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“……. this guy, a friend of an old beau of Jo’s…….” Simon was telling Clayt about someone called Pete who was really good at hack. I just found it amusing that he called Morphine Matt my ‘beau’.

I spent quality time bonding with Simon, watching Pokemon. I enjoyed it a lot, actually.

Then we went to the Warehouse:

pikaaaaaaaaaaaa pikaaaaaa CHU!

He brought a Pikachu ball, and some nerds for me. His mother gave him a Warehouse card, you see.

I’m so sick, it’s really horrible. But at least what I was concerned about has stopped now, so I guess that’s one less thing to worry about. I guess I should go to a doctor, but I dunno.

This evening I was playing with our fridge magnets, and I found myself writing out advice to myself, and then disagreeing in the line under. It was very very bizzare, and more than a little bit fucked up. I mean, the conversations in my head are bad enough, I don’t need the fridge talking to me as well.

I think I’ve had too much sugar. But GODDAM Shortland Street was excellent tonight.

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