thirteen inches

Thursday 3; June, 1999

main ` gbook ` i-seek-you ` handwriting
Told you I’d be happier today.

TV Production was good today, although it got a little bit painful wasting so much time. We were doing run-throughs with our own scripts, which was choice. We even got to watch my group’s production on tape afterwards. Apparently though, Sacha’s cousin’s away right now, so we might need to find some more ‘talent’ for me to interview. I’m supposed to ring up Mikey Havoc tomorrow morning to see if he’ll do it. Brad has a whole list of celebrity phone numbers from his producer’s pack from the comedy fest, but I figured I’d try bFM first, cos that’s slightly less stalky. Of course, if you’re a semi-celebrity or someone of note that can be in Auckland next Thursday morning, you could always email me and offer your services. Choice, thank you.

After class, I met up with Penny (YAY) because it’s her birthday today, and so we went back to my house, via Foodtown for bubbles and fresh bread. That was very cool. We had good talks. I was so stupid not to have rung her the other night when i was freaking out over something ‘medical’. I just completly forgot about her, cos it’s been so long since I was at Onslow with her. Whoops.

So that was very cool. Then she left to go to her brother’s, but Gail came over and that was cool too. We watched Boogie Nights, although her and Clayton snuck off in the middle of it. Rogues. Marky Mark is so the man. You can add him to my birthday wish list please, along with the tiara. It’s two weeks until my birthday now. Nineteen. Whoopeedeedoo. I can already buy porn, so what does another year mean? Nothing. Nothing at all. Sigh. That’s okay though. Mum said in an email this morning that my dadda’s going to Japan on Sunday with a three hour layover, so if I went to the airport to see him i could get part of my birthday pressie then. But hitching a ride on a sunday morning? Really doesn’t appeal much.

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