Friday 4; June, 1999

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Okay, so there was a “Compulsory Party” at the bar at AIT tonight, to celebrate the end of term (study week then exams then three weeks holidays now) and also to celebrate belatedly the CSM win. Beer and Wine were advertised at $2 each, so Dee and Shirley and stuff decided it’d be a good idea to go in for that.

I was at tech before then, to hand in my radio stuff, and to meet up with Leana and Nigel to sort out more stuff for our In-Studio Production. Havoc wasn’t on the radio in the morning, so I couldn’t ring him. Darn. Hopefully, Sacha’s cousin will be back, cos then we won’t have to change the script too much. Although we are already changing it to stretch it out to 15 minutes – we’re adding in a competition and stuff like that. All class. So yes, anyways, we finished around 3.30pm and because the Blue Room party was starting at 3pm, I thought my friends would be there then – but they weren’t. So cellphone calls ensued (yay three day weekend rates on prepaid vodaphone) and Dee told me that they wouldn’t be heading in till at least 6pm, so I should probably go home then.

Just as well i did, since she didn’t come pick up me and Si till like 7.30pm, then we were at Shirley’s for like 2 hours. Then we took a taxi van into tech. Going in, I got a big ’18’ branded onto my arm with a vivid, because I was using my real id for once. In theory, that meant I was supposed to buy food before I could get alcohol. In practice, however, they were waaay too busy to care. I qued for like half an hour to get drinks. There was a hidi dj, and a hidi covers band. All the punters there were hidi people – Lurker would have felt right at home. In fact, I know he’s a frequent punter at the tech bar – so my point is proven.

I had a nice chat to Kate M, who said she’d fancied Brad since like August last year (golly!) but the scene was so bad and the que for alcohol so long that I really could not be fucked sticking around. Since it was like only 10.30, I told people I was going to go take a bus home, which I guess was a call to action, and everyone else decided to go home too. By everyone else I mean Si and Shirley and Dee and Trudie. So Si and I took a 500 home with them, which meant a little stroll more than a 400, but that’s okay. I got the back seat, and man did that make me feel cool. I reclined even. Fuck it was a flashback sorta to being ‘Bus Moniter’ on ASIJ buses. Oooooh the power.

But anyways. Got home to a message on the answerphone from Bored Friendless Kate, so I called her up and told her to come over. So she did. Good bitch. I wanted to do something ‘zany and spontenaneous’ but we couldn’t think of anything, so instead I got out the knives and we did patio recreation in a different way, over the stove. So much more time effective. Two each and we found ourselves on the lounge floor, playing volleyball sitting crosslegged, wacking a hackey over a centre line made by a telephone cord. Don’t tell us we’re not creative. Another couple of spots and we hit the telephone book to find open pizza companies, but there were none, so we went to macdonalds. I thought we were totally lost, because Kate was driving so slow up a hill that it looked really steep and I was sure we’d taken a wrong turn, but then I realised we hadn’t. I got a little bit paranoid, thinking Kate was just faking all her giggles to take the piss out of me. The woman at macdonalds id’d us – and because we couldn’t produce a third student ID, we couldn’t get three student frieses. Biarch. I was very distraught to discover that my cheeseburger didn’t have a pickle in it. I mean, sure, I always take the pickle out and throw it away, but still! They really were letting the side down. I wish it wasn’t such a skeggly macdonalds so near to us.

Um Kate left when Simon started watching ‘Manpower – Celebration of Man’ on television. I watched for a while, disgustedly intrigued, but then realised the error of my ways and so went online until I was nearly frozen.

Ooooooooh I just got reminded by the magnets on the fridge – Simon and I have a new obsession with the TAB ads:

“Will you be my friend?”




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