si only has eyes for meat

Monday 7; June, 1999

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I’m early. I’m like, never early. Gosh. Golly gee. Maybe that explains Sunday Night then. Yes you needed to know that. I’m sure I’d be telling you if I was late too. You DO care about my periods. Full Stop.


You WILL submit. Oh yes, you will. YES! YES! YES!

I felt really violated after ICQ conversations this morning, so I spent an half an hour down on my knees, working hard to a Placebo soundtrack.

“Or if they find a cure for deja vu” “Not me”

“Or if they find a cure for deja vu” “Not me”

No, I was cleaning the bathroom. And actually it wasn’t cos I was feeling violated (I just like being dramatic) it was cos I got a sudden burst of energy cos I’d been playing and booging to one of my trance tapes – god bless 7th form. And I wanted to feel like I’d achieved something. Which I did.

Hmm. I just said “I always meet people on street corners”. Now they think I’m a whore. We can’t stop here. This is Bat Country.

I also did two loads of washing, the dishes AND helped Kate with her radioy thingie. Then because she and Marisa were coming for dinner, I cooked green thai chicken curry, and then brownies with creme anglaise. Because I rock. Yes. And we watched Shortland Street and Pop Stars together. I just about cried when they said that next week is the last episode. I love those girls! I need MORE! MORE! MORE!

Then Marisa left so Kate and I had Stove Recreation then watched more TV. Mmmm Newsboy. Unfortunatly, I cut my hand on splinters on the corner of the chest in the lounge when we moved it to pull out the sofa bed. I sux0r. Aarrrrrgggggg no. Make me stop saying that.


hmmm that was meant to say kini lots but I guess she just wants to be kinky.

Goddam it, why am I panda -ing to so many requests? What happened to STAUNCH STOIC JOANNA? Oh wait no. That was just a comic. Penny and I made a comic strip once, as part of our ‘zine’ called Cyst. Actually, I think I drew it all, and it was only on one sheet of refill, but still. I was called Goat Woman, and she was my trusty sidekick, BeBeGurl. Anyways, the moral of the story was that Goat Woman saved the day by playing Hole and scaring out the ‘Rm 5″. Of course, when I say ‘zine’, I mean our personal private injoke that we shared with a select few.

I don’t have a beard you loser

Um. Oh god. I hate you Simon. You’re a bad influence. But IRC is just so amusing when you’re in the same room literally.

I take back all the nasty things I said about nz post.

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