Name Dropping

Monday 7; June, 1999

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We had to return tekken 3. All good things must come to an end, I guess. However, I still have the hand pain from it, so I guess that’s okay then.

Now my hands are cold. I was sitting on them, but then I realised that meant I couldn’t type. My nose isn’t very long. Neither are my legs. If my legs WERE long, then I’d have four ways of communicating with Simon right now. But because they aren’t, it’s ICQ, Cellie and Talking Out Loud (woaaaah freaky concept, hold me back!) only. Excuse me if I’m being a trifle silly.

I’ve changed my mind again and have decided that I want a birthday party. However, I won’t have one, because it’s in the middle of exam week and no one will care anyways. (aww diddums, I hear you all cry). Besides, last year’s party created long lasting rifts. Jo said she’d throw me one, but well, she’s in chch. So I guess it’s the thought that counts.

In good news, Sacha rang me tonight to confirm that her cousin Nikki WIlLL be available to be interviewed during Thursday’s tv studio assesment, so Yay that. I’d better think of some questions to ask her. Tomorrow. And tomorrow I’ll also do some washing so that I have some clean styley clothes to wear while I’m being a hip young presenter. Cough Cough.

Ummm what else did I do today? Not much. Made blunt-insensitive-spur-of-the moment-when-faced-by-a-photograph kinda comments then kinda wished I hadn’t. Ooooh, I talked to Justine who sent me the play list of the tape she made me, so yay. I talked to Clare about her scrummy swiss boys she met in Queenstown, and squirmed when she suggested (long story) that I shag Clayton. Ick.

He brought me and Si home a custard square each from his aunt’s house. They were kinda icky, in a flavourless wobblesome kinda way. Oh yeah, and speaking of wobbling and wibbling and stuff, i read through Dylan’s pr0n directory, because Annette told me to (for reasons that escape me). Gosh I’m ever so aroused.

Si and I discussed whether or not we should tell everyone that calls for Leyton that he’s moved out. Maybe then he’d get the hint.

Hahah fuck I’m awful. No, really I am.

What did you buy the Queen for her birthday? I didn’t get her anything. She can take all her likeness royalties that she must make from having her picture on all the money and buy herself something. What are you buying ME for my birthday? Better make it something nice. Gee, could I be any less subtle?

Yes I’m a moron. I also have exams next week. I feel like since I’m not stressing OR studying, I have to go mad instead.

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