Sunday 13; June, 1999

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“Who are True Bliss?” – Lurker
I set my alarm to wake me at 11am this morning, so I could dedicate the day to studying PR. However, it was raining and grey and cold when I woke up, so I went back to sleep. I really do have my priorities in the right place, don’t I?

Ho ho ho. However I did do some studying today. It’s very Me that I spend the whole of Study Week not studying, and then start studying the day before the exam. To my credit, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Although I’m not sure that ‘Credit’ is the right way of putting it. Maybe ‘as my pathetic excuse’ would be better. But hey, you live and you learn, right? Even Alanis Morrisette knows that. Ick ick – I so can’t believe that Tori would tour with her. Still, I guess it’s money innit? And spreading herself out to a wider audience. Which is a good thing. I’m hoping some girls will get saved.

I’ve been listening to From the Choirgirl Hotel while studying again. I guess one day I really should change the cds in my player. I don’t think Without You I’m Nothing has been taken out since I bought it, apart from a slight detour down to Wellington in April. Celebrity Skin is pretty much permanently fixed there too. I’ve also got Simon’s Portishead (the tori cd is his too although I doubt he’s missing that) and I’m not sure what’s in #3. The Bends, I think. I really really should change them, especially because they get kinda distracting when I’m trying to study in bed. Well, not The Bends because I know it so intimately it’s now background music in a good way. Stop babbling.

Anji rang me this afternoon from Melbourne, so that was very cool. She told me about all the places she’s been taken out to so far – a lesbian bar (“unfortunatly they were all like bull dykes”) a gay bar (“I got so drunk I found myself dancing on a podium with a guy who looked like he belonged in the Village People. He offered me animal nitrate so I said ‘that fucks you up’ but then took it a moment later”) and a girlie bar (“I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable after a few minutes…. Monica and I just sat there arguing over who was the prettiest”). So that was tremendous. She wanted more gossip from me, but I had none to give her. Still, it’s good that she’s having fun at work and stuff. I told her I was going to Australia in either September or December, and she was duely excited.

We were watching Ice TV tonight, and I almost creamed myself in excitement when they said they were going to have True Bliss on. Then, just to further mess up my underwear, I almost shit myself when Lurker goes “Who’s True Bliss?”. Simon and I died, we really did.

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