Monday 14; June, 1999

email ` gbook ` i-seek-you ` handwriting

(bright colours are for Kini’s workmates)

Okay. So. Oh yes. Public Relations Communication exam. It wasn’t too bad, eh. I was happy cos I found out we got 20/30 for our group proposal before hand, which was 5 marks higher than I’d planned for, so I only had to get 18/50 on the exam to pass the course.

So yes. I think I managed to get that. In one of my questions, I got to write a scathing letter to the editor of the Herald, which I always enjoy. That is actually more PR based than you’d imagine, cos they had the audacity to publish this complete bullshit article rubbishing the functions of a PR company. So that was fun. There’s nothing better than abusing the Herald. Although it is about as easy as making teenagers depressed/shooting fish in a barrel.

After the exam, I felt fully weak at the knees – I got home, and I was SO buggered. Like, just so tired, it was CRAZY. So Simon was nice and ‘cooked dinner’ for me. He’s a good boy sometimes. Not like Leyton. I sent this to the vision list tonight:

We have a lovely big house in Greenlane, close to buses, with three lovely flatmates (one girl, two boys), and one lurker.

The lurker is going. We just need someone to replace him.

What’s on offer is a double bedroom with gorgeous wood floors for $100 a week, plus $40 a week expenses (phone, power, food). We’re looking for someone easy but outgoing, who could deal with student living. They probably also shouldn’t be in toooo much of a hurry to move in, as we have to evict the Lurk first.

But if we had a suitable replacement, that shouldn’t be too hard.

If you or anyone you know is interested, could you please get in touch with me via email or something?

Ta muchly


ps – yes, we REALLY are going to get rid of him. fingers crossed.

So yes. If ANY of you know ANYONE looking for a flat in Auckland, do please let me know, okay?

It’s Shirley’s birthday tomorrow. And then mine. And then Andee’s. And then my dad’s. And then Olivia’s. I like reading the horroscopes that ICQ 99 sends me to. Aquarius especially made me laugh today.

Our fridge says “Joanna gives head, goes far”. And then beside that I wrote “ick”.

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