True Bliss I

Sunday, June 20, 1999 (my daddy’s b-day)

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This link might amuse you. It did me. In response to the list:

* yes but they’re badly scanned
* founding member with bells on – but I don’t think I write about being self concious
* not a snowball’s chance in hell
* yes because they do
* of course this is all about showing off/wanting attention. I hope I’ve never denied that
* I’d never do that
* linux?
* Sexual innuendo?

I like A Waste of Bandwidth. It amuses me lots. He rawked up Vision members no end a while ago, and that made me chuckle. Quoting L7 – “take the cork out and live a little”. I just think it’s funny because he’s obviously read a lot of journals (or at least a few a couple of times), so I’m sure he gets some sort of perverse pleasure out of it.
I’m so excited I don’t know if I can even write my journal. Gosh, WHERE do I start? Ummmmm. Chronological order perhaps? Yeah, I could do that. I could do that with bells on, even. Righto. Oh my god, “righto” is such a Channel Z drongo word. But I will struggle onward Hoe.

Si and I picked up Olivia (she rocks – hahaha) and Morgan from Newmarket around 12.45pm and dropped Morgan off back at their house (yes I know where they live now) and waited while Olivia grabbed her True Bliss single and also just a leeeeeeettle bit of lippie. Then we headed off on our quest out west, the search for Lynn Mall.

We found it, and were duely scared (I hate malls, AND we were in Redneck Central, as would become even more obvious later on). Since we discovered True Bliss would be appearing “outside the drycleaners” rather than inside ECM, we toddled off to have some lunch first. Rounding the corner on the outside perimeter, we were awestuck by the bazillions of people all gathered around, waiting for a chance to see New Zealand’s Spice Girls. Golly. Such a huge crowd, it was scary – all little kids and their parents. We hung back demurely at the sides for a little while, and discussed streaking. I’d switched into Automatic Babysitter Mode with all those kids around, which meant I was cringing at swear words and stuff, and trying my best not to be a bad influence – I don’t know how successful I was. But once the girls had arrived and were inside the old Barker & Pollacks, Olivia made us go cut into the line. We’re so naughty. I blame her entirely.

Red Neck Fathers with their precious little daughters started screaming at each other and at the security guards, and at anyone they thought was pushing in line. I was fully expecting some big fight to break out. For a while, I thought Olivia was in for the bash. She yelled back at some guy “actually, we’ve been here since 12pm, you don’t know what you’re talking about”. It was really funny. I guess you sorta had to be there, but in order for you to have been there, you needed to be a 10 year old girl. Or a parent. Or me, Si or Olivia. Um.

Arrrrgggggh it’s 12am. I have to go to bed. Early exam. Story will be finished later.

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