Tuna Fish

Saturday 12; June, 1999

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“I’m so bent it comes through in my eating habits”
Oh the secrets I could tell you all about Olivia. She dressed in a variety of fetish gear for me. There was a nurse’s costume, a B&D outfit, and umm I don’t remember what else there was actually. Saucy Stuff.

But that’s “I’m so bent it comes through in my eating habits” Olivia for you. She had my cake and ate it too.

I’m so going out on a limb here to make it sound saucier than it was – I just wanna ruin her reputation actually. I’ve seen Spiceworld 15 times now. But I won’t tell you what we watched afterwards, what she was actively involved in cheering for. That’d be taking it just a wee bit too far, I think. See, Olivia? I’m like, respecting your privacy or something. Maybe.

Once she’d gone (finally – I thought that fucking hoe would never leave – ed) I went with Si to drop off his little friend Gavin, and went around to Shirley’s. Who’s ed?

They had a gin bucket there, but it was mostly all fruit left over, so I quaffed a half a bottle of bubbly then ate gin soaked fruit. I’m a trifle squiffy. If I hadn’t changed my clothes, you could even call me wine soaked. The cork came outta the bottle going over a speed bump coming home. It went everywhere. Whatta mess.

I feel ill. I might have a vomit. Hahaha, fuck I’m class. Ass.

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