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Saturday July 31th, 1999
Did I mention that Clayton and Gail broke up? Or more specifically, she dumped him? Well yes, they did, or she did. This affects me because he’s my flatmate and my friend, and it’s all he’s been talking about lately – with good reason I suppose. It’s weird though, cos he’s taking it really well. It’s like he was more upset before they actually broke up than after it. Although I guess that makes sense too. Maybe he’s just putting on a brave face. It’s weird seeing boys cry. I mean, I don’t buy into all that “boys shouldn’t cry” crap, but the truth of the matter is that I haven’t hardly ever seen any boys cry. Usually it’s just me blubbering all over the place.

So I’ve been trying to cheer Clayt up as much as possible, letting him (making him) wear my sparkley clips, listening to him babble (even if admittedly, I’m not the most attentive listener to him – he goes on and on and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so yes, I know that makes me heartless) and giving him lots of hugs. We’re a good flat like that – they gave me lots of hugs back in June when I needed them heaps. Yes. So I don’t know where that story is taking me, just that it was weird that they broke up. He went away for three weeks, came back and told her that he loved her for the first time (they’d only been going out for nine months, after all!) but she’d realised in that three weeks how much she liked her independence. Clayt keeps asking me now how he should handle the situation and stuff, and I have no idea what to say to him. Quite apart from my own lack of experiance at breakups, him and me are very different people, so what’s right for me is probably not going to be right for him.

Kate broke up with John as well. Is it a phrase of the moon or something? Ah well.

I dreamt last night that I was out with Penny on New Years Eve, and we picked up Navy Guys. Maybe hers was Graham, I’m not too sure. Anyways, my sailor boy started kissing my toes, and I was like “what the fuck?” cos I really am not overly fond of my feet, but I still brought him home with me, because it was New Years, after all. Luckily I woke up before anything happened. Ick. Dreams can be sooo disturbing sometimes.

Tonight Si and I rented “In the Nick of Time” and “U Turn”, but so far (11.37pm) we have only watched the first one, cos Clayt was taping “Vigil” at 10.30pm. But it was good though. Kinda suspenseful, and the real-time thing was a choice concept. We’re going to watch the other one in an hour’s time. No early night for me – I’ll be waaaaay too excited about True Bliss tomorrow to sleep. Ha.

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