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Saturday July 17th, 1999

This morning’s real life dreams involved getting my exams results back. I got 100% in my mass communication exam. You’d think that’d clue me into me into the dream factor, but no. It was very weird happenings, as usual. I slept in until 3pm.

I feel perfectly justified in doing that, however, cos when I woke up, it was raining and grey. And basically, there’s no point in being up when the weather is shit. Tomorrow I may be going on a Mystery Journey with Shirley and Trudie. They’re promising to flip a coin to decide whether we go North or South. I wish I knew more visitable people in the outlaying areas of Auckland. They said we couldn’t go to Hamilton. However, I just might go down there next weekend. Andee said she has the cure for what ails me.

Well, that’s assuming that what ails me is an urge to go out dancing to hideously cheesy music with a bunch of rednecks. And yes, that is what I want. So it’s all good. Plus she said her friend was going to be having a fancy dress party which I could tag along to. So YAY! After my shower I put on my Queen dress from the sixth form fancy dress ball, and I was just loving that. It’s so cool, it’s got like a low neck, trimmed with fake ermine, and long triangular sleeves also trimmed with ermine. Fucking styles baby. I can’t wait to wear it again. I put on my pearls and was just dancing around the room to PJ Harvey for ages. I wanna be in a music video, man!

Then later, I saw a package in the mailbox sitting there getting wet, so I ran outside to get it and it turned out to be two packages. One was my contact lenses from Mummy, and the other was my birthday pressie from Kini. YAAAAY. I got my last birthday present exactly a month after my birthday – which is kinda cool . She sent me this gorgeous dark purple feather boa, and I put it on and instantly felt glamourous. She also sent me glitter, lip balm and a silver lipstick, so that rocks the party too. Oh, and a box of utack, which just scares me.

So yes, felt very dressed up in that. Dressing up is the best, man. It’s fully the shit, bro and all of that.

Clayt and I ordered pizza tonight and tried to bond by watching videos, but “The Castle” was just too heinous. Leyton came in and goes “I’ve never seen anything like that movie before – it’s like a comedy AND a drama”. Gosh, the mind boggles, don’t it? I’m suprised he noticed anything weird about the family in the movie. They dress and talk just like him.

So instead Clayt tried to get me drunk on Baileys, and we sat down and worked out our scheduales for this semester. I have Fridays off again – yay.

Yay yay yay yay yay yay. Um. Where’s this sentence taking me? Dammit, I want my webpage back. I’d better hurry up and sign up for my domain. Yes, I’m getting one. Shortly.

I’m watching people doing websearches on http://voyeur.mckinley.com/cgi-bin/voyeur.cgi and someone just asked “how can I shut this computer off” . That sums it up really, doesn’t it?

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