Friday June 18, 1999

email ` gbook ` i-seek-you ` handwriting
This is my duvet. I got really mad cos I couldn’t get the right colour turquoise to make the background. See the star-fishes? That’s what I wanted. Except brighter. My scanner dulled things down a bit. Grrr. Oh yeah, and if you’re having trouble reading this text, just highlight it. You know the score, chief!

This morning I awoke out of a dream because I was stupid and had left my alarm on. Well, it was noonish, but STILL! I was SO mad, because I was dreaming that I’d gotten a reply back to the email I sent last night, and I reaaally needed to know what his take on stuff was, and I was only half way reading the email. But of course, it was a dream, so when after I woke up and logged onto the computer, the email wasn’t actually there. That didn’t stop me from hanging around for ages, doing webpagey stuff to satisfy Jo’s cravings:

Loot/”Joanna got spoilt”

Fridge Magnet Poetry

Updated Blahblah page to accomodate both

And this link doesn’t go anywhere, I just wanted to demonstrate that I learnt mouseovers.

So that was my shit hot day of blobbing on the computer. I also spent a lot of time tucked up in bed, because it was nice and warm in there. My arm hurts big lots from carrying several kilos of vegetables home yesterday. Fuck I’m a wuss! That’s okay though,m

This evening Si and I went and rented “Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels” and “The Devil’s Advocate”. I swear, the guy at the video store must think we’re like the sadest gits in the world, being in there like every single weekend, normally with me chanting “TEKKEN TEKKEN TEKKEN” if we ever go to the games section (newsflash – we didn’t rent it tonight!!!!). Then again, he WORKS there every weekend. Which must be sadder.

LockStock was fucking funny, as it was the first time I saw it – I SO want Ed. Even if he does look like Greg/Son of Satan. Devil’s Advocate was good too, semi-suprisingly. It was even kinda spooky. The ending was a bit of a cop-out though. We were just sitting there going “nooo!”

Apparently, for a straight girl, I really am a terrible flirt. In fact, I think I got told off by two people tonight for that. I don’t know what’s come over me. I’m in hysterics at the animal and troll noises coming from Simon’s computer.

Jo and I have a Millenium Plan. But that one’s SO not going out into circulation, unlike the Mt Vic/Stadium thing.

Inncidently, my hands are like all blistered in weird ways. Boy that sounds dodgy. Man, you shoulda seen the hands of the rowers, back at Onslow.

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