“Hey Clayt – If I’m not home by 9pm, call the police!”

Sunday July 18th, 1999

Phone: (ring! ring!)

Me: awakens from dreams about rehabilitation clinics, and searchs around for discarded pajama top for the sake of any sundry boys in the hallway .

Phone: (ring! ring!)

Me: Hello?


Me: Well…. I am now

Phone: We’re going to come get you in half an hour. No wait, it’s only half past nine now, so we’ll make it quarter past ten.

Me: Where are we going?

Phone: I don’t know. See you soon, dude.


So I stumbled to the shower, cursing Shirley for being a demon from Hell, until the nice warm water and her enthusiam caught up with me, and I decided that she was really really cute, like Hobbes jumping on Calvin whenever he came home from school. So I perked up a lot (figuratively), and was in fine high spirits by the time I was dressed and in the kitchen. Clayt emerged from his room while I was eating breakfast, and was really suprised to find me up, and even more suprised that I was that chipper. So we were loud and made jokes at Lurker’s expense – I thought he was probably out. And we were being a little obtuse anyways. Shirley and Trudie turned up, and they told me they’d decided where we were going but that they werne’t going to tell me. It was truely going to be a mystery tour. So I grabbed my bubble stuff, and also wacked on some off my gorgeous silver lipstick, and was ready for action.

As soon as we turned south onto the motoway, I blurted out “we’re going to WAIHI!” and I was right. Shirley’s from there, you see, and she decided to get back to her roots. So yeah. We went through Paeroa and did the photos-in-front-of-bottles thing. Then we moved on speedily. We got to Waihi in like an hour and a half, which is a pretty short time. Trudie sat in the front seat, being very scared. I sat in the back, singing my little heart out to Madonnna and stuff. It’s funny how ‘Vogue’ is nearly ten years old, but it’s still so fresh sounding. So yes. Madonna isn’t retro, she’s timeless.

Shirley showed us around stuff in her town that meant things to her, and took us to her house because her parents were away. It was really weird and cool too, thinking that was where she’d grown up. The house was so small, and it was just really different from the sort of houses I grew up in. And the whole small town aspect was just strange strange strange. Wellington’s the smallest city I’ve ever lived in – or maybe Bonn. I think they’re about the same. And I don’t really remember much about Bonn.

We went and got fish’n chips for lunch, and ate on a secluded beach. That was lovely. It was just all very nice. Then Shirley drove us up to some lookout hill, and told us a story about how when she’d been driving there another time, the driver had driven down the grass bit. I felt it was completly appropriate, therefore, to dare her at that time to drive us down the grass hill bit too. After all, we were after a Country-esque experiance. She worried that the ground would be too boggy, but by that time I had claimed the passenger seat, and Trudie was in the back. What I’m trying to say is that the force was with her, so we plunged ahead, with a soundtrack of Trudie shrieking in the backseat. It was sooooooooo cool! Like, just some bumps and hills, but still, very exciting. We almost got bogged down, but managed to get through. Her car ended up splattered with mud. Shirley reckoned that I should have to clean it off, because it was my idea, but yay verily I did doth disagree with that idea.

After that hilltop escapade, we went to the mini-train station, but there wasn’t another train we could have a ride on, so we strted to head home. However, then we spotted a winery, so we pulled in for a drink. Of course it would chose that exact moment to start pouring. But of course, rain does not melt a girl, so it was sweet ass bro. We ordered a bottle of gevertzraminer (and if I could spell that, it’d be even cooler) and shared a piece of cake, and had a good old chat. Shirley could only have one glass cos she was driving and Trudie only wanted two glasses, which meant it was up to me to polish off the remainder of the bottle. Gee, my life is such a chore!

Needless to say, I was in rather high spirits, literally and figuratively, by the time we left. We popped the Spice Girls on, and sang sang sang. Shirley did her best to terrify Trudie and myself with her fearless overtakings. When I get spooked at someone else’s driving, my arm automatically goes to the hand holdy thing above the window. If I’m reaally scared, two hands grab it. As a side note, Simon’s car doesn’t even HAVE the handles. Eeek. But back to Shirley.

It didn’t take us too long to get back to Auckland either. Fuck it was a great day trip! I enjoyed myself immensely. Small towns rock if you don’t have to live in them.

In the evening, I made apple crumble for Clayton and his friend Antz. Then later on, Simon came home – YAAAAAAAY. We even had group hugs. I’ve missed him heaps and heaps – it’s so good to have him sitting at the other end of the dining room table again. He got his hair dyed black, and he just looks really special in my feather boa. I just helped him make his bed. He’s so cutely helpless. (Sorry baby when you read this).

Tech tomorrow. Ick. We’ve apparently got lectures up at the Uni, but no idea in what classrooms. Hmm. Oh and ICK – I’ll have to get up early. Fuck that sucks. Oh well. xoxo

OOOOOOOH! And one more thing – http://hubris.co.nz – YAY!

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