It’s like Thunder-Lightening; the way you love me is frightening

It was really nasty weather when I woke up this morning, all cold and raining, so it was hard to drag myself out. But eventually I managed and fled straight to the shower. Then the weather decided that a thunderstorm was exactly what we all needed. I disagreed. It freaked me out just a little bit. Every clap of thunder had me running to the other end of the bathtub, out of the water stream. I worried for a moment about being struck by lightning, and then figured that since I wasn’t touching the metal shower curtain rod, I’d be pretty safe. Of course, that’s when I realised that I was standing in a metal tub, in a pool of water, no less. Needless to say, I din’t spend very long in the shower this morning, despite trying to convince myself that it was a porcelain tub, so I was fine.

I went back to my room and thought about how I only had an hour tutorial then a five hour gap, and I looked at the rain pouring and pouring down, and shivered and then I looked at my nice warm bed, and went back to sleep. Ahhhhh bliss! So I woke up about 1.30pm and cruised into tech later for my 4pm Digital Communication II class.

I played solitaire throughout most of the class, with my tutor Peter’s full permission. The class was being taught a few basics of file saving and Internet stuff. I got labeled a geek in the first ten minutes of class by saying that I had my own webpage, but apparently that’s not such a bad thing. I explained to Peter later that I do my pages in Frontpage and don’t really know all that much, I just pretend to. We’re going to learn html, which’ll be good, cos I don’t know it, and also assorted macromedia softwares. Matt Sawkill’s superb enough to be giving me all the programs we’ll be using so I can work at home. So yay for that.

Got home, and started dinner for Clayton. Well, I baked him some potatos so he wouldn’t try feeding us floury wedges, anyways. After dinner and requiste TV, him me and Si went to Foodtown to do our groccery shopping. That’s Foodtown Greenlane if you wanna stalk me. Supermarket shopping was lots of fun, as usual. I was chasing Clayt with the trolley, but got held up behind some dithering ladies. I finally managed to turn the corner into the next aisle, and was about to ram the first person I saw, when I realised they were wearing a grandfather hat, and would, therefore, not be Clayton. Being thankful that I hadn’t knocked over some old man, I carried on speeding down the aisle, before I turned around to realise that Clayt had cunningly fooled me by grabbing a hat from the shelf and disguising himself with it. He’s not just a pair of cargo pants, you know. (I don’t think the phrase “pretty face” would be appropriate in that spot). When we were at the checkout counter, Clayt pointed out Lurker, roving the aisles, so we decided to hurry up and get out of there so we didn’t have to talk to him. I told the checkout ladies he was our other flatmate that we didn’t like, and they laughed. They also commented to each other that I had my ID out without being asked for it while buying wine. They didn’t bother to look at the ID though, so it could have even been real.

This evening while waiting for Clayton to get off the phone so I could get online, I scanned in a whole bunch of photos. You can see them here, assuming that I upload them all. Which I do intend to do, so there you go.

It’s exciting cos I’m like excited about tech again – despite already wagging a class, and probably going to wag one tomorrow. I have to present a seminar on ‘Feminism and the Media’ for Mass Com IIb (I still don’t know if I passed IIa, but hey!). I’m going to do it on how the media can’t cope with representations of strong women unless they are turned into sluts. YAY! It’s always cool when I get to do work on stuff I’m interested in. And YAY for a nice cruisy class like Digi Com with a funny tutor and stuff that I’m good at.

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