“If you Wanna Do My Mother, You Gotta Buy Her a Benz”

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Friday July 23th, 1999
I have felt so ill all day today. Even a Wendys chicken burger, the traditional hangover cure sent straight from the Gods, did not take the edge off my nausea and icky taste in my throat. I guess it was like a servere lack of sleep. That and the fact that I drank an awful lot yesterday (gee, I’m cool). Let’s backtrack a little bit, to Thursday.

+ + +

Since I only had a 9am lecture, I decided to take the day off. Yeah, sure I’m going to get up at 7am to hear Janet Old Hippy Bedgood waffle on for an hour. Shirley and I were going to go out to lunch, but then she decided she had no money. So I invited her over, and made her a better variation on Crepes Suzette. Fuck I rock. Then during and after, we drank a bottle of white outside in the sun, and got quite quite tipsy. We also had a really good talk about stuff, and she was more understanding than she has been in the past. When I say ‘more understanding’ I don’t mean that at any stage I’ve felt like she hasn’t been there for me. I mean umm I think I explained myself better and she responded accordingly. Um yes. Okay, choice. I tried to convince her to stay and have another bottle, cos it was so gorgeous and mellow and lovely in the sun on the patio, but she had to go home to start dinner. So yeah. In the evening, Gail came around for dinner, so I had to supervise Clayton’s cooking. Si’s friend Gavin also came over. After dinner (which was a failure – Clayt really is kinda hopeless although he tries hard), Gail and him snuck off to his mother’s house, Si and Gavin went to the bottle store, and I went to Shell to buy a bag of ice.

The boys came back from Video Ezy with ‘Driver’ for the psx, and ‘Fear&Loathing In Las Vegas’ for the tele, and I dragged our new antique blender into the lounge to make cocktails. A couple of rounds into the Pina Coladas, Si hooked his stereo up to his computer so we could play cds (his cd player skips too much) and we danced lots to the new Chemical Brothers cd, which I like lots. The boys laughed lots at my driving ability on the psx, but the thing is, that the cops didn’t chase ME all the time! Eventually, Clayt’s pre set video recordings finished, so we could watch the movie. I rinsed out the blender and started in on making chocolatey milkshakey things, with chocolate liquer, ice cream, milk, and small dashes of esspresso & butter scotch schnapps’s. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. They were SO yummy, man! I was having a lot of trouble following the plot of the movie though, despite having seen it already. I was quite quite drunk, and the monsters in the bar scared me lots. At one stage, the boys went up to Shell to get potato chips, because they’re well trained, and when they came back, Si gave me a heiniken (apparently I asked for it). Hmm. I’m not really a beer fan at all, eh. In fact, it was a bad bad move. But ah well. I finally got to bed around 4am ish.

Then of course, because I was feeling so lousy, I kept waking up lots in the early hours of the morning. What made it worse was that Ron (the managing landlord) and the house owner came around at 11am. I got out of bed to talk to them, clutching my glass of water and holding onto walls and stuff to stop my head from spinning so much. She didn’t have many problems with our house – just asked if we could mow the lawn (I said it was raining all the time) and there was some dispute over a broken cupboard door handle – I said (lying through my teeth) that I wasn’t sure if it was broken when we moved in, and that also I didn’t know where the tenancy agreement was. So Ron’ll no doubt call me later and we’ll have to fix it, but that’s okay. I will be better able to handle when I am not so ill. And I didn’t get in trouble for my blue room, which was good. While I was still walking around in a daze, Leyton handed me mail from AIT forwarded up from Welly – my results. I passed everything YAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I jumped on Clayt and gave him big dazed hugs for that one. What I’m pissed off about is that the envelope was sellotaped shut, which meant that my fucking parents had opened it, and read my results. Mum rang me this evening too, and was so fishing to be told – if she’d asked I would have told her I got straight A’s. And yes I can lie to her if she’s going to open my mail, dammit!

I I suggested to Gavin then that getting Si up to drive him home was a lost cause, and suggested as well that he should take a bus home. Then I went back to bed after Ron had gone. Of course, then Simon got up and cranked up the stereo in the dining room so sleeping again was impossible. Instead I laid huddled under the covers and pretended I had people nursing me. Much later, after Si had gone out and come back again, we got Wendys, but that didn’t make me feel much less sick. Dammit.

So yes, the day was spent pottering around, mostly working on my journal archives. You can see the fruits of my labour so far here, here and here. Rock on. Also, I would suggest http://www.kissthisguy.com for your entertainment pleasure.

Clayt came home all crying tronight cos his momma’s going back to Saudi Arabia tomorrow. I gave him lots of hugs and let him wear my favourite sparkley clips while listening to him waffle on about gail. I’m so good to him. He tried really hard to understand in return how exciting it is for me to have my own domain. Oooh ooh and check Annette’s journal for an mp3 download link – my interview of her that I d submitted for radio production class.

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