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Friday July 30th, 1999
Si and I were going to go to Dillinja tonight, but I’m sick, and he doesn’t have ID. So instead, I am here at home, bored. There are a few cool things in my life though – http://www.shortlandst.co.nz and also http://www.never-ever.net . So there you go. Nutritious fun for the whole family.

Yesterday I had a 9am lecture in HSB2 up at Uni. The room was so steep, I fully got Vertigo from it. Scary stuff. The lecturer had a really really strong Tongan accent, and I couldn’t hardly understand a word he was saying, especially since he rocked back and forth from the mircophone, which meant that the sound blurted out and faded away constantly. Derek started writing me notes about how Boyzone were better than the Spice Girls. He’s so clueless, man.

After the lecture, I decided to check out the new building around the Imax theatre and Village 12, so I made Shirley come with me, while the other Dsters went to Market Day on the Uni Quad (yawn). The building was so not finished, it was really funny. There were wires poking out everywhere, the floor needed polishing, and no one knew what they were doing. Oh yeah, and the escalators weren’t running, but that didn’t stop us from going up to explore some more, once the other people had caught up, and I’d stolen some of the bright and shiny new cutlery from the Foodcourt. I mean, hey man – I was probably the first person to eat off it – I HAD to do it. It’s so pretty too – the knife is now sitting in our fridge with a post-it note saying “Joanna’s Special Cutlery” on it. But back to Force Entertainment Centre, as its called.

It was actually really really cool looking, all crazy eclectic but very futuristic – it reminded me more than anything of Disneyland. Or possibly a set from Star Wars – I can imagine some light sabre fights going on in it. Did I ever tell you that I saw Episode 1 and really loved it? In fact, I kept begging my parents to take me again, but they were all “no – the dialogue was really bad”. They’re so missing the point, man!

So yes, that was the highlight of my day yesterday. There was no highlight today. I’m sick sick sick. But ooooh oooooh! True Bliss on Sunday! I hope I’m better by then. No, let me rephrase. I WILL be better by then.

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