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Wednesday July 28th, 1999
Man, I am soooooooo tired, like keeling over in my seat. I just spent an hour making Kumara Gnoochi with Roast Tomato Sauce. So go figure. Oh yes, AND I spent a motherfucking whole fucking hour and more on the bus coming home from tech today. And before that I spent like 50 minutes on the bus coming home from tech. I came home in the middle of the day cos I had a four hour gap and nothing to do. I needed to nap, anyways.

Why did I need to nap? Well, quite apart from the fact that I’m ALWAYS ready for a nap, I’d had a bit of a rough morning. We went out for Kate’s birthday last night, you see. Drinks at her place, and then I shared a bottle of wine with Marisa at the restraunt. SPQR made me the most gorgeous gnoochi in the world, with bluecheese sauce and stuff – mmmmmm! I was initially really scared cos I got introduced to a guy called John, who looks just like Kate’s dad, and because her boyfriend’s named John, I thought that was him. But luckily Amber put me straight, so I didn’t have to worry for Kate. Well, not too much, anyways.

Kate passed on information I’d told her in confidence so we ended up having a huge big discussion all the way down one half of the big table about that, which was actually quite amusing. Her friends were all really cool, especially Bailey who I kept thinking was named Britteny. Oh yeah, and Marisa and Theresa rock my boat, too.

So yes, it was all very good. Kate and I had tremendous reminiscings at her place while we were drinking beforehand. We used to be really nasty to each other. She told me I’d once put her off her favourite dress by saying it was ugly, and not good enough to wear to my birthday party. Meanwhile, she told me I had a big nose and fat lips. And yet, despite all that, we’ve been friends 14 years. Kodak Moment!

Anyways, as a consequence of last night, I was really dizzy today. Plus I have a sore throat coming on, which sucks.

I learnt HTML today. Man, I’m so proud. I’d show you my efforts but they’re on the network at tech. But stick around man, cos BOY, they’re worthwhile!

Also worth noting was that I talked to last year’s Eye Candy today, which is always cool.

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