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Wednesday, August 4st, 1999

My tutor told me today that I should major in Multimedia, which is cool, cos I like having what I already know confirmed for me.

John Campbell was our guest lecturer for Journalism on Monday. My lasting quote from that was “If I wasn’t so much of a hypocrite, I’d try and change things”.

Kapai John, Kapai.

Kate gave me a mission to track down a bubble machine for her, and I accepted the mission, and I found one, too. $45 a night. Only hitch is that it’s in Henderson. But that’ll make it a bit of an adventure, going out there to get it. I’m going to go to her partay as a Viking. I think Si and Clayt are going as Snorks.

Clayton’s been driving me absolutely batty, rabbiting on about Gail. Maybe that’s partly my own guilty conscience, knowing that I’ve done the same to other people as well.

The True Bliss ads for Burger King almost inspire me to buy the Chicken BLT burger.

I’m doing an assignment really early – it’s not due for another couple of weeks, but I’m already halfway done. Yes, sure it’s my Digi Comm II assignment, which is making a webpage, but still…… well, I was proud of myself, anyways.

Arrg. I have nothing to say. Well, I do but I don’t.

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