Sunny Despite the Rain

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Thursday, August 5th, 1999

I’m writing this in Dreamweaver. Well, I would be if it didn’t crash, and if my computer didn’t crash. Three strikes and I’m out? Or third time lucky? We’ll see.

I was still awake today at 3am, watching “Dazed and Confused” with Simon and Gavin (yes, I’ve seen it many times before, but I love it + they needed someone to tell them who all the people in it were). So yeah, I didn’t make it in to my 9am InterCom lecture. And then, it seemed silly to make an attempt at my 12.30pm tutorial for the same subject. I can see Intercultural Communication being the class that I just don’t attend very often this semester, like Mass Comm last semester. Speaking of not doing too shit hot in classes, I had a great big fester at my mother over the phone the other day, because in the background my father goes “how did you go in your exams?” when I knew full well that they knew, because I got my results forwared on to me, cellotaped shut. Grrr.

To make up for missing my classes, I cooked Simon crepes with caramelised peaches in butterscotch and apricot schnapps sauce. He stuck his plate on the bench later, all the scrummy peaches pushed off to the side – apparently, he doesn’t like them. Dammit, I could have had more. Oh well.

Ummm. So yes, bummed around for a long time, playing with “myself” (I know that sounds dodgy – all will be revealed sometime soon – most of you have probably seen it anyways. Actually, that sounds even dodgier. Oh well). Eventually I had a shower and went back into bed, cos I love doing that, and dozed my way through “Is This Desire?” I think I’m going to have to buy the CD, cos the tape’s making funny clicking noises.

Eventually I got dressed and went into Craccum. Imagine my suprise when they said that it’d all been proofed already. Man, I can’t even help CRACCUM? Shit!

But I got a seedee full of goodies off Matt, and had pizza and played a little bit of Tekken, so that was okay. Si picked me up from Symonds Street after 9pm, when he finished work telewhoring, so that was handy.

We came home to pick up Clayton and my feather boa, and went to the supermarket. I had a big long chat to the friendly young lass at checkout, about the nature of boas and so forth. That was cool.

I have more scans to go up in the Breast Club, but I can’t be bothered doing them yet. I wanna wait till I’ve learnt how to use Fireworks so as to control my images better. Yes indeedy. Okay, I’m cold now. And I might go ring-ring Jo soon. I dunno.

Clayton rang Gail tonight, much to our disgust, but hey… who am I to give advice? .

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