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Thursday, August 12th, 1999

I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go to a 9am lecture. I really shouldn’t have bothered, although ti was quite amusing. We had this Tongan guy talk to us about Pacific cultures, but he spent most of the lecture slagging off Christianity, (“Chrisitanity is a slave religion” & “Christianity is like smoking a joint – it’s just a drug that takes you to another dimension”) which was really entertaining, given how many hardcore Christian ‘friends’ I have. Me and a non Christian, who shall remain nameless, spent the lecture writing each other notes containing running commentary. As writing notes seems to be a key feature of my AIT experiance, I thought I’d be really generous and type you up one.

Joaana:Eye Candy is looking good today.

Friend: Where is he?

Doesn’t matter… he’s mine hahahahah

Strange Girl! I designed my webpage was gonna show you but I forgot it. I’ll tell you ’bout it later.

Cool bro. I’ve designed mine too, funnily enough.

I drove my car in thou. It was raining we might still do stuff this arvo

cooooooooool. I gotta go to Newmarket and get power though. Man, the chicks behind us are mocking True Bliss!

Yay. I didn’t hear them.

You’re crusing for a bruising, sister. What are we going to do this arbo?

Dunno. Go for an adventure somewhere.

cool. Can we please go via Nudemarket?

We’ll go N.M way sometime if you like.

Sweet bro – before um the post office shuts. Otherwise, it’ll be candles tonight for me and clayton. Middle class people are bad, mmkay?

What are you again? I’m full & total lower class. (you’re slumming it, girl) Man, he’s spending most of this lecture recapping the last one. Sound familiar. must be a social sciences trait.

The middle class thing was my synopsis of what he was saying. And honey, I KNOW I’m slumming it. You’re my boy from the wrong side of the track. hahaha

I’ll lead you astray. Split up your family, make you fall in love w/ me & then die in some high speed car accident doing some martyrish action.

I met you at the candy store. You turned around, smiled at me and bought me a pinky. “bought you a pinky?”

Vroom vroom. And you’ll be driving w/ me today proberbly.

Gosh, I’m so excited. I’m shivering all over. Oh no wait, I’m cold. Why oh why did I get up to come for this? I had a _really_ early night last night – in bed by 10.30pm, light off 11pm.

I was on the phone w/ Dee until 11pm. Shocking, eh.

What were you talking about?

Stuff. Her friend Sue moved away reccently. Her dancing exam on Mon. You snobbing their invite to lunch on Tues.

Oh, I just sort of drifted off. It wasn’t personal.

That’s what I said. This guy says ‘thawt’ (thought) like the Y2K cockroach.

hahaha hoWhy? I wonder how the Christians are feeling right now – the boys look pissed off

That’s b/c they don’t worship the sun. I do. Every summer I offer myself up to it in (semi naked) and soak up its magical powers. he he.

lovely. Do you sprinkle yourself with salt and herbs first?

Only when worshiping falls on a Saturday the 6th.

You’re just too deep for me, honey! The boys are SO bitter, man. Peter’s notes are like “Tongan Tosspot blah blah”

Racist. Aren’t religious people meant to be tolerant?

Not tolerant of things that don’t agree with their ideals, anyway.

This is why I don’t believe in religion

fucking reckon. Oooh, Nigel’s spewing at the joint comment!

we _need_ to get him stoned

hash cookies? waste of pot

yeah, I didn’t know Nig was so staunchly religious

god, they are BITTER! I am pissing myself.

we should tease them? Fire is shooting from their eyes.

Man, Nigel so needs to take the cork out and live a little.

He needs to get laid more than I do!

Maybe you could lend him a ‘hand’ then, cos you’re an experianced older woman

mmm could be fun. Lend only a hand thou? not much in it for me

Our fridge magnet poetry says “Romance is Hot Come”

well, mmkay.

That was fascinating, wasn’t it? Well I certainly thought so. Yes indeedy.

After the lecture, I had a 2.5 hour break before its matching tutorial, so I went to Newmarket to go fill up our Mercury card. I did that partly so that I wouldn’t have to hang out with the boys and risk offending them personally, rather than just religiously, but mostly because I figured that’d leave more room for our after tech adventure.

I had lunch while I was there, which was cool, reading trashy magazine in the cafe for company. Then, while I was on the bus back into town, it started to rain. It was okay at first, when I got off at Symonds Street,just light drizzle so I walked with a smile, but then the skies opened up and it absolutley poured, total flash flooding. I was soaked to the skin. I was literally dripping all over the foyer and lift going into State Insurance – I was so wet that the office workers smoking outside even smiled at me, which they hardly ever do. They don’t like us, but obviously I was comical enough to warrant a smile today. They talked to me even. Golly.

So yeah. I went up to the Whanau room all grumpy and wet and dying-of-pneumonia like, and settled down on the couch to do some writing or something. But then Derek came in, and cheered me up instead. He figured out how to set the pre-tuning on my walkman for me, so now I can groove to Mai Fm, 91ZM and More FM. Gosh, he’s kind. (But luckily, i know how to set it now, so I can put in the stations I actually listen to). He even sang Ronan Keeting at me. Or whatever that boyzone guy is called.

Intercom tutorial was hellishly boring, as it tends to be. Well, having said that, i’ve only had two tutorials in it, but still!

Then my ‘friend’ decided that we weren’t going to go for an adventure after class, cos she wanted to go home and do an essay that’s not due for ages, so I was really hacked off. I got completly soaked for nothing, AND i just basically hate it when people say they’re going to do things and then they don’t. Please don’t ever go back on your word to me, okay? Whoever you are reading this. It’s the thing in life that pisses me off the most, about everyone. I make real efforts never to go back on my word, and I’d appreciate being treated the same. Thank you!

On the bus coming home, the girl in the seat on the other side of the aisle and a couple of rows back had her bag fall over, and all her stuff roll out of it all over the floor, so I helped her gather it up. I’ve had unfortunate shit like that happen to me before. In fact, while I was doing it, I was unaware that all of my shirt buttons had come undone, and I was showing quite a lot of bra&stuff(tm) over my slip.

Came home, had a nap in said slip, got dressed again and made scrummy Vegetable Soup. Clayton came home from the supermarket with tim tams, and we vowed to eat them all before Simon comes home tomorrow, cos he’s the main cause of disappearing chocolate biscuits int his house.

Leyton got SO mad tonight cos Clay wanted to watch Homicide which meant he couldn’t watch the news – I was like “Clayton, isn’t it your tv?”. So that was my evening’s entertainment. I’m quite easily amused. Sulking is silly, mmkay?

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