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Wednesday, August 11th, 1999

10 am Journalism tutorial. Boring class. I’m not interested in Journalism. I used to be, but I’m just not now. I don’t like writing the truth. Well, I do, but I don’t like writing in news format. I couldn’t handle working for a paper. Maybe a magazine would be okay, but it could get boring as hell. Which it probably would. Not that I’m sure I’m going to go into a more exciting proffesion, but hey!

I had a four hour gap until my next class, so Kate M and I had planned to go see “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?”. But then she decided that she had to work on her digi comm assignment, so I went by myself. The new Village 12 cinemas are really comfy, with nice big seats that have high backs so you can lean your head back. And the arm rests come up. Of course , since I was by myself, that didn’t mean all that much, although I was tempted to stretch out along the rows. When I got into the cinema, there was only one other couple, and I was a couple of rows ahead of them, so I felt like I was all alone. It was really dark in the theatre, and the walls looked really menacing, and some spooky-ass music was playing, while in the lobby they were playing the Planet V compilation, which when heard in the distance sounds pretty damn spooky too. So yeah, I was getting spine tingles. It was kinda cool, actually. All that was before the movie.

The movie itself was okay, but not as good as the first one. Still, it was kinda nifty to be by myself and not have to answer people’s stupid questions and stuff. It was a shame about the larrikans that came in later and started cheering at all the fight scenes.

After the movie, I met up with Si to go shopping with him for a black lipstick, which we eventually found (he’s going to some vampyre partay or something like that), and then he kept me company til Digi Com class. In class, I almost felt like crying, cos my frames weren’t working, while the rest of the class weren’t having much trouble. I was supposed to be the smart one, dammit! And Hoar couldn’t figure it out either – eventually Kate M realised that I hadn’t put a / into closing off my title. So I did that, and everything was peachy. Despite that, HTML is making a lot more sense to me – I did the whole /wardrobe/ directory in it. Yes it’s nothing flash, but it’s a step up from Frontpage Express, never the less.

I was fully fully tired on Wednesday evening, so after doing girlie things like wrapping myself up in a duvet to eat ice cream and watch stupid but entertaining television, I went to bed to read. At like, 10.30pm. I was lights off by 11pm, and asleep soon after. That NEVER happens!

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