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Wednesday, August 18th, 1999

I think the interview went okay today. I babbled their ears off for half an hour anyways, and did indeed give them directions here to Hubris. It was kind of weird, having to answer “what’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?” and go ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I swear, my mind totally went blank, and then when I did think of things (bible stories and so on) I realised that the stories would be mostly really long and hard to explain, and would just make me sound like a nutcase. So instead I mentioned that I always accept dares, and started talking about the Breast Club. Nice one, Joanna. Sure they’re going to put a porn freak on TV.

I was actually really amused by some of the things I said in the interview, and how cliched I ended up sounding. The phrase ‘not a team player’ came up quite a lot when I was talking about Leyton. They suggested that for my five minute video which I have to make as part of my interview, I should videotape the speech I’m going to give him when I ask him to move out. Yes, that’s right, it’s finally going to happen…… hopefully. Brad’s keen to move in, but Kate M, being the good responsible g/f that she is keeps reminding him that he should probably check out the property first. Which is all very well and completly fair enough, but grrrr I hope he does it soon, so that I can give Lurker his notice, and get my five minutes of high drama. Otherwise I’m going to have to think of something else to put on the video tape, another way that I can prove myself to be “brave, strange” and whatever the other word was that I suggested people would consider me to be. I hate having to try to sum myself up in three words. But that’s okay, cos I actually really really enjoyed the interview. I mean, shit, I got to talk about myself for half an hour, and that’s always a bonus. I’m just really scared that they’ll choose Kate B, and not me, as people tend to do. Ahuh, childhood traumas abound.

But anyways, yes. So I’m really tired from trekking up to the Touchdown offices today. I thought I was lost and asked a construction worker where Graham Street was, and I just about died when he pointed me across the street. Well, that’s an exaggeration, obviously, but you know what I mean.

Then I had like lots and lots of time to kill – two and a half hours worth, anyways, so I went to the bank, and ummm to AIT to hang out on the campus, basking in the sunlight. I talked to Jodie for a bit, which was choice, cos she’s just so lovely. She has the phone number of this builder guy called Charles that she met snowboarding, so I encouraged her to call him up. After all, there are only 135 days left in the Millenium. Shite!

Kate M found me sitting alone and took me with her to her ‘Coffee Group’ – which is just a weekly catch-up her and three of her friends from Senior College have. So that was nice of her, and it was fun too.

Digi Com class was okay – we started to learn Dreamweaver. I didn’t have my workbook, so I was completly lost and had no idea what I was doing – not. Kate Orange (In my mass comm class, there are 5 girls out of a total of 12 people called Kate!) asked me if I’d consider tutoring her if she paid me – I was like – wtf? and said that I’d be more than happy to help her for free, since I basically am not really half as smart as people would like to think that I am. But she said that she’d feel bad if she was going to take up my time like that, so I was like “yeah, okay, sure”. I doubt anything will eventuate out of it, but hey – it was still a bit of a warm fuzzy.


Shirley’s just left. She came over with a bottle of wine for me, in exchange for me helping her a little bit with her webpage, and doing some scanning. She made the mistake of leaving her files on my computer, so you can see them here .I will remind you that it’s HER work, not mine, and also it’s not finished yet, so don’t bother making ‘this doesn’t work’ or ‘those colours are ugly’ style comments. Thank you.

It was cool helping her, and nice to drink the wine she gave me, even though it’s really cheap and nasty. I almost feel like calling Thomas, to ask him what’s going on, but also just to hear the sound of his voice. But I figure he hates me now, so I probably shouldn’t.

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