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GFridaday, August 20th, 1999

I did it I did it I did it I did it I didi it is isis if if si d

but I didn’t video tape it.

Because I ahd a ccirisis of conscience.

And we were taping on nigel’s tape, cos we cpildn’t open his video camera. But so shirlay and dee and tridioe taped me having a mroal dilema instead.

I think that worked, only I’d already had a few to drink. And a spot or tqwo. No,. it was 0only one spot. Clayont was like oh my god./ I’m sure he’d seen me and kate doi tbefore but appetrently not.

Um. Oh yheah. So lurke4’s got his four weeks notice cos i was trying to b e nice.

Then we went to karaoke at the tech bar. we drank lots of shakeresd. I got up and danced to ‘like a virgin’ without a trace of irony. simon has a guture staring in Karaoke videos ahdead of him. We sanhg Daydream believer but I was the only one holding the microphone.

I gotta send them my tape. I hope they chose me.

maybe I s9uld watch it first.

Oh yeah. typung. Hashah. Okay,. well who redally needs it? I got rid of lurker -s urley that’s worht a thousand more drin ks.

simong get me a beer. yes please. okay.

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