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Monday, August 23th, 1999

So last night, I was having difficulty sleeping, as I do sometimes, so while searching for something to read, I came across my sixth form diary – from 1996 – when I was 15/16. Okay, got that clarified? Good. I thought I could maybe type out pages of it for y’all, along with maybe pages from my 1997 diary (there is no diary from 1998 past April, and my 1999 diary is up online). However, then I thought – no, my diaries really are pretty damn hidi, so I settled on picking out some select quotes for y’all instead.

May 20th 1996: “The goss is: Andrea sucked George and she SWALLOWED – maybe if I ever give anyone a blowjob, I won’t swallow – too much goss man!” (umm)

May 25th 1996: “Why is it we can exchange bodily fluids, grope each other’s asses and he can put his hand up my skirt and feel my tits, but I couldn’t greet him? What’s wrong with this situation?” (nothing ever really changes, does it?)

May 28th 1996: “Will I obsess about this for the rest of my life?” (not about _that_ but about plenty of other things)

July 4th 1996: “Neil finally got our Xtra software – we’ll be hooked up soon! Finally on the net!” (ahhh the start of my downfall!)

July 17th 1996: “Do you know that Daniel (Dylan’s friend) is the only guy who’s ever asked me to dance without an ulterior motive?” (gosh, how platonic)

September 6th 1996: “I’m over Nuno – maybe I’ll get over Ben.” (yes)

September 24th 1996: “It’s actually good that I don’t have a body like that, or Dylan would fall for me for sure” (I can still dream, can’t I?)

There you go. I hope that amused you as much as it did me. But I guess it probably didn’t, given that it was my life and all.Oh well. Sixth form memories are greatly amusing. If you like, I’ll see what I can get outta my seventh form one too.

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