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Sunday, August 22th, 1999

Pink pink pink.

Ouch, my elbow hurts, and that’s bizzare. I also have a bruise on my thigh that I can’t explain. Should I be worried?

Last night was Clayton’s birthday party. His Whitcholls friends all came over and we had drinks before meeting up with other people at The Turkish Cafe in Newmarket. We ate, drank, and made merry. I spaded his gay friend Matt for ages, cos he was sexy and nice, and harmless.

Simon and I toasted Brad like 20 times or something. Leyton didn’t come out to dinner with us. I was all torn up about that one. But we had lots and lots of fun. It was a shame that the bill was like $100 leftover even after everyone said that they’d paid. I reckon we got ripped off, cos I dont’ remember seeing an itemised list, and we were all kinda drunk and would have been easy targets. So that sucks ass majorly.

But anyways. Everyone (20ish people) came back to our house after dinner for birthday cake, which was devoured with gusto cos I made it and it was lush. Then there was more drinking and dancing. Si and I fired up the knives and I drove for him and Shirley, and later on Si managed to talk Clayt’s friend Antz into trying it too – I felt a little bit bad and naughty, but I figure if people leave themselves open for corruption, they’re getting what they deserve, eh.

Um yes. Okay, more drinking and dancing and stuff. Antz had set up his computer in the lounge, hooked up to Simon’s speakers to play his extensive mp3 collection. Most of it was shite, but it was amusing anyways. Shirley and I danced to “No Rain” hitching our skirts up to our knees. I was doing it in tribute to the way me and Beth used to dance to that song at eighth grade dances – I don’t know what Shirley’s excuse was. And what else did we dance to? Heaps of shit. No Spice Girls, unfortunatly. But there was True Bliss, which makes everything okay.

I spent lots of time talking to a very drunken Lucy. I apologised profusely for calling her Babe the other day on the phone when I’d been expecting Shirley to call. I also reassured Lucy that she’d behaved really really well (okay, so I lied) in relation to her ex that was also at the dinner, that she’d handled it ‘really well’. We smoked cigars and decided to convert Matt, because apparently, he’s also really really rich.

I finally went to bed about 2am. I would have stayed up later on the ‘net, cos I was having a good laugh, but people were trying to sleep in the lounge, so I figured I’d be good.

Today I got up after 2pm, after crazy crazy dreams. My room smelt so bad that at first I was scared that there was someone else in my bed, but then I realised that Leyton was cooking something foul in the kitchen, which was the main cause of the nasty smell. Other causes might be the obvious mess and lack of cleaning, and the cigar smoking antics of the night before.

But yes. Today was a day for just pottering around in. I watched Squeeze and was rewarded with Garageland and Stereobus videos. Shame about the rest of it, really. Jon Toogood was on ICETV later, and I swear, I was sitting in a pool of my own drool. I guess I just have a thing for scrawny boys. I especially like arms and necks. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmm mmm mmm. Gosh it must be Spring. I think I’m going crazy with unfufilled lust.

This evening, I rang up Kate and invited her over for dinner. Three phone conversations later, after a great deal of deliberation about what I was cooking (apparently, Mexican food isn’t good enough for her. When I suggested that I make Risotto instead, she said “with rice?”) she said her and Theresa and Marisa would be over soon. They showed up about two and a half hours later. The risotto was good though. Then Kate and I made pikelets which were good too, except for Kate dropping the butter on the lounge floor, and it coming up with pubes stuck to it. Don’t ask.

Oh yeaaaaah, I forgot to mention that Karin and her husband came around tonight – they’re the owners of our house. When they rang up this afternoon to ask if they could come over to measure windows for curtains, I got really scared, thinking they were likely to be wanting to move in soon, but they put my fears at ease, and we discussd long term stuff. They’re going to install a fan in the bathroom for us, and locks on the doors in the bathroom and toilet, plus they’ll shell out for paint. And they might even get their relatives to sand down the ceiling in the bathroom, disgusting flakey mess that it is. We get to pick colours. I said I was keen for bright yellow. The guy didn’t look so keen, but he said since we were going to be staying for a while, it’d be okay. YAY! I’m happy. I like this house. I love two of my flatmates, and I can’t wait for Brad to move in as well.

Why oh why did I say Lurker could stay till the end of the holidays? Even if I am going to be in Aussie for two of those weeks. Oooooh, must book my tickets tomorrow.

Did I mention Clayton brought me breakfast in bed on Friday? Well, he did. hahahah.

And Mum sent me a packet of Tubby Toast. She disturbs me.

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