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Monday, August 23th, 1999

I’ve got a lot of stuff I need to do

* I must clean my room
* I must do my Intercom assignment
* I must do my Journo assignment
* I must do my Mass Comm – or at least make a decent start on it
* I maybe should put forth a proposition to someone
* I should shoot some more exciting footage of my life, and finally get my tape in

I leave for Australia in ummm less than two weeks. I’m very excited. I’m hoping that Olivia and Kini are too. You should have both of them bookmarked by now, so you don’t need links.

I woke up this morning, out of bed by 7.20am, and staggered through the kitchen to get towels out of the hot water cupboard. Clayton was up, shuffling and humming his way around breakfast, and he stared at me inquisitively and asked why I was up so early. I told him I had a 9am class, even if I didn’t normally go to it, and asked him to please not talk to me because it was very early morning. So I finally got onto a bus, and stressed out cos it was going really slow, and I knew I had to do a group presentation in my Journo tut. It was five past nine when the bus finally got to Symonds Street, so I ran down the hill to the State Insurance Building. I finally got up to the fifteenth floor, and ran into my class – to find it full of people I didn’t recognize, and a PR tutor sitting at the helm. So I hastily backed out, swearing profusely in my head. Where the fuck was my class? I knew it was on the fifteenth floor somewhere, so I raced around the other rooms, with no luck I became convinced that the class had moved, and that I had missed out on that vital piece of information because I never attend the tutorial. Then that’s when I realised that my nine am class was on thursdays, and I was an hour early. Grrrr.

But still. Our group presentation went well, even if I’d made my bit up on the bus ride in. We had to do like tracking down info stuff, which was actually kinda fun. I got rung on my mobile in the middle of the class, so I rung Emma back later, to find out that the show’s been delayed a month, so I can shoot more footage if I like. So I dunno. Shirley reckons I should. We went to watch my video in the TV suites and laughed lots at Simon’s dancing. Twas amusing.

After Journo, Shirley, Kasia, Rachelle and I went up to ummm some cafe – I think it was called Mezze Bar or something like that, to have lunch and discuss our journo assignment. We’re going with my idea, which rocks the party that rocks the body, cos I feel like I’ve finally contributed something. And then we ended up having a really good chat, so that was cool too.

Then I went to the library, and got me some books on Feminism for Mass Comm. I know I’m so not even scratching the surface at understanding the topic. I guess trueskool feminists probably wouldn’t approve of Naomi Wolfe either, but ‘The Beauty Myth’ is really easy to follow and understand. My hypothesis was going to be “the media can’t portray strong women in a postitive light – it has to turn them into sluts” but I don’t think that I’ll be able to get enough Media Theory stuff to back that up – unfortunatly, cos it was something I was quite interested in. I don’t know what hypothesis to take now, and I’m fast running out of time. Ahh well.

Digi Comm was okay – I plowed through the dreamweaver work book, but got a bit confused on the CSS bit. I’m guessing it’d be easier to learn it in pure HTML. But I dunno. I was like miles ahead of the rest of the class anyways, so the tutor hadn’t read through it yet anyways. Hmm, that’s two ‘anyways’ in the one sentence. Handle. Where was I? I don’t really remember.

I should probably go to bed really soonish. I have clean sheets. For a while, my top sheet went AWOL, but since I’ve changed them now, they’re nice and stiff and hotel-esque. I never used to be a top sheet girl, always prefering just a duvet, but I dunno… I think I sleep better with a top sheet, as long as it’s tucked in proper. It holds me down and keeps me in place. If I can’t toss and turn too much, my imagination/memories can’t stray too much.

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