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Monday, August 23th, 1999

I just got home from ‘Scafies’, hence the colours. Great film. Fucking excellent. We laughed our heads off, and cringed lots and I ended up on the edge of my seat. So yeah, multi-genre, and all that good stuff.

I wanted to make that

yellow, but it didn’t work. But that’s okay. Oh yes, back to my day huh?

Nine am starts make me super super grumpy, even when I’ve woken up to sweet songs by Mercury Rev. Clayton yesterday had been all “are you coming to the Intercom lecture tomorrow?” so I was like “probably – why??” and he goes “cos I wanna take the bus in with you”. Which left me a tad suspicious. This morning when we got on the bus, he made a move to sit next to me, and I was like “Clayton! what are you doing? you KNOW I like to read the paper on the bus”. So he looked ashamed and went and sat elsewhere. Fuck, I’m such a bitch. But I value my leg and arm room.

Actually, Jesus, why the fuck do my friends put up with me when I’m always doing shit like that?

I’m reading the Beauty Myth right now, so I feel like I can’t criticize my looks, so I’ll have to zero in on my personality.

And speaking of the Beauty Myth, and also the Herald, let’s talk about women being scared to walk alone at night. The Herald was running this whole big story on it – it’s like Violence Week or some shit like that. Which works great in scaremongering so that people support the National Party and their zero-tolerance schemes in an Election Year (we did Maori Justice in Intercom today). Personally, I don’t get scared anymore, but that’s just because of my history and own little fuckups. It’s so sad that other people have to. I don’t know where I’m going with this point, just that it was something I thought about lots today on the bus.

The lecture was interesting, the tutorial was less so. I tried my best to fall asleep in between. That was a bit of a problem, since an hour of my break was spent in the library, getting my readings. And then I retreated to the Whanau Room, and tried to nap there, but there were people on the couches, so that didn’t work too well. Still, I cranked up my walkman, and pretended to sleep, ignoring Kate M when she came along and blew on my forehead.

After my classes were finally over, I came home and napped and read some more. Clayton’d been driving me nuts all day, humming and muttering and mumbling and shuffling. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, but he’s just got so many annoying habbits!

Luckily, he got Antz to come and pick him up, while I’d arranged for Shirley & Trudie to come get me. So I went to see Scarfies with the Girls, and he went with the Boys, and we met up there. It was a very very choice movie, although Trudie was laughing a little too loudly. But still. DON’T SCREW THE CREW! Clayton gave me the shoe speech from the movie when we got home, so I screamed lots and lots and lots and threw everything I could find at him.

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