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Sunday, August 29th, 1999

“I like to wear women’s clothing”

My god! What is wrong with this world? I was lying in bed this morning, and I heard people talking. More specifically, I heard a girl talking. It sounded like she was in Leyton’s room, but I thought that surely that couldn’t be. So I went to the lounge, and there was no one there. I didn’t want to accept reality, so I went back to sleep. When I woke up three hours later, the voice was still in Lurker’s room. And then the horrid truth set in. He’d scored last night.

The Ministry must be a fucking dark, loud club, is all I can say, because according to what lurker told Clayton, the chick had just walked straight up to him and asked if he’d wanted to go to bed with her.

What the fuck is this world coming to, man? How is it that Lurker can score, and like, I’m sleeping alone?

Fuck it, I can’t be bothered writing an entry for tonight. I have nothing to say.

God I can’t wait to get to Australia. I’ve had my life all planned out for me there. I love Kini and Olivia. And Kini’s friends too.

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