(temporary) swan song

Okay, I’m off. Well, in four hours anyways. I still have to pack. But I want to have a shower before I do that. And I want to have a shower only after Lurker’s gone to bed. So I am here instead.

There’s lots that I wanted to say, little stupid anecdotes about washing lines and packing lists, and Clayton asking me if he could vaccum clean and stuff, but I won’t. Instead, I’m going to use this space as a place for quiet reflection.

I’m going to be away for two weeks. That’s two weeks where all I have planned is shopping and hedonism and Happy drinking. Two weeks of hanging out with friends and family and stuff. I need this so much.

I also need to apologise for the way I’ve been acting lately. I’ve become really self centred and drama queenish, and hurt people that I care about, including myself. Because I do care about myself as well, even if I haven’t been acting like it lately.

Two weeks of clear headspace is hopefully enough time to start to heal.

So yeah, sorry, and thanks for putting up with me everyone

I love you all


PS – You didn’t think I’d leave you with nothing, did you? Starting with September 6, there’ll be a new old journal entry being uploaded for you daily, by the lovely Isi.

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