September 6, 1999

I’m away on holiday until ummm the 19th. But through the astonishing power of friendship and shared space and all that, you’re able to read post-journals. As in, entries I wrote in 1996 and 1997. These should be uploaded semi-daily by the gorgeous Isi, so that you can read them on the applicable date.

You can email me at for easiest access to me while I’m gone. Choice. Okay, let’s go!
Friday September 6th, 1996

I took the first two spells off to get some sleep – I was so tired after rehersals. I dreamt Mum thought I was smoking crack, so she was screaming at me, and at Angie and Greg for having sex, and I had to hide drugs all around my room. Weird man! In the morning I watched Shortie Street.

Classics – so did nothing. Media – finished Utu & played games. I think Tamati’s got a thing for Mr Wards!

At interval I sat in the hall talking to Karen Grant. Lunchtime we tried to get people to do the poll. Penny & Sarah really pissed me off. They never ask what I’m up to or “how’s the play going?” Grr! Nevermind.

Mum was supposed to give me a ride home – she left too late. I spent the evening doing history. Shit, I’ll never get it and economics done! But my map looks cool!

Sam Bedford’s gone to Japan for two weeks. I’m gonna miss him!

I’ve been thinking about Dylan a lot today. I know I can’t help the way I feel, but I still feel guilty. What would happen if he fell for me too? But that would never happen, so I guess I shouldn’t worry. I was listening to SP “Landslide” – I’m over Nuno, maybe I’ll get over Ben.

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