September 9, 1999

I’m away on holiday until ummm the 19th. But through the astonishing power of friendship and shared space and all that, you’re able to read post-journals. As in, entries I wrote in 1996 and 1997. These should be uploaded semi-daily by the gorgeous Isi, so that you can read them on the applicable date.

You can email me at for easiest access to me while I’m gone. Choice. Okay, let’s go!
Monday September 9th, 1996

Day of the first performance! We’d been cloistered away since Interval, having our makeup done. The Furies’ makeup was really cool – we look evil! Talk of an after party at Nikki Llyod’s – hope it goes ahead! That would be so fucking cool! It would be without the munchkins – my conscience wouldn’t let me sleep after getting them drunk! We stuffed up heaps in the perfomance – I said half of Tam’s line, and banged my head three times! Had a good natter to Bruce Boy – he doesn’t know it’s me, I think. My buddy hasn’t sent me anything.

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