Australia II

Thursday 9th

— Veging, Drinking; Joe’s, Laundry, Peel —

A nice slow languid morning, drinking scrummy orange juice and eating peanut butter toast. Anji went out in the afternoon to get her money from Joe’s. There was still no hot water, so I was in my pajamas. I sat in the lounge wrapped in my duvet (it was miserable and raining) playing Tekken 2. I tired to clock it with as many different characters as possible in order to see the amusing little movies at the end. I’m just a sad bitch.

Anyways, hours later, Anji came home with Guy, so I felt bad for sitting around like such an ugly snob, so I ran upstairs to get dressed, before coming down again to play yet more tekken. It’s more fun when it’s vs. a person. Especially when I whooped his ass. Anyways, Guy went off to his friend Marcus’s, and Anji and I ordered dinner from a Malaysian place – chicken fillet with plum chilli sauce and satay beef. Mmmm. I’m loving my ethnic off, eh.

She got annoyed cos I’d told Bianca what we were doing that night – going to Joe’s for drinks before going out E’ing, and Bianca had thought her and her friend Anna could come too. Anji was all “oh I dunno – I don’t like being around strangers when I take drugs” which i thought was kinda grumpy of her. She doesn’t like Bianca a lot of the time, becuase Bianca is a lot like Annoshuka – kinda airy. She’s probably Aquarius, although I didn’t ask. She’ll go out foraging for tree branches at 4am (their house is decorated with them – it looks super cool) and she’s studying Accupunture, when she’s not having super long showers right when Anji wants them. Apparently, she slept with Martin once, which I think is quite icky, even if he does have a British accent. But yes, anyways. We got ourselves ready, after Absolut & Orange, and left without her – because Anna hadn’t arrived yet anyways. I wore my new blue top & necklace with my shiny purple skirt. Yay.

Anyways, so we walked down Brunswick Street to Joe’s, where we found Guy sitting at a _table_ on the _other side_ of the restaurant from where the staff normally sit, with three other people. We pulled up seats, and Richard, who was our waiter at that time, told us to have strawberry daquiris because Dennis was making them good lately. So we did. They came in great big milkshake tumbers/bottoms of shakers. And mmm they were good, apart from the strawberry pips. The other people left to go to the Q & A, but Guy stayed, promising to catch up with them later. A chick called Sarah from Christchurch came along, and told me I had gorgeous hair, so we ordered a shaker. Dennis, the manager, told us he’d give us a full one at half price, so that made us happy campers. It came out in all its shimmery glory at the same time that Bianca & Anna showed up. Anna was 18 and had met a past flatmate at Earthcore, which is kinda like the Australian Gathering. She was a country hick hippy, if that’s possible. Shy, but nice. Anyways, back to the alcohol , since that really does seem to be a key feature of my holiday. The Illusion was like umm midori, vodka, blue curaco, malibu and pineapple juice, but the shaker it was in meant it dribbled all over the place until Dennis changed it for us. Mmm. After that, we might have had a vodka lime & soda or three, before Richard finished his shift and we had a bottle of bubbly. Half way through the bubbly, we moved over to the staff table. More drinks, more merriment, the usual. Someone gave me half their foccacia – it had tandori chicken and stuff in it. Mmm food. Anyways, finally a group consensus was reached, so we set off for another bar called Laundry.

Laundry was quite large, and reminded me a little of Tueplo’s, because it seemed quite classy, and everyone was sitting down, except for the people playing pool. There were lots of dangly orange lights, and UV, and squishy red cubes. Music was hardtrance, very much reminiscent of 7th form raves. If Laundry was a web page, it’d be Lost your head? . And my golly gosh, I just wrote html tags down on paper. Geek!

Anyways, there were many amusing games to be watched at Laundry. Lee & Tim were flirting. Both Anji & Guy were hitting on Tommy, the country hick young chef. That distressed Tony, who, despite his doctor b/f in Amsterdam waiting for him, has a big crush on Guy. He told me he’d taken Tommy aside in the kitchen and told him that Guy was his (as in Tony’s), which made me giggle lots, because apparently Guy doesn’t act on his homosexual side. Tommy was flirting back with Anji, and later Young Anna told me he’d tried to “crack onto her”. Meanwhile, Lesbian Short Anna (different person) was flirting with Anji a bit – when she wasn’t frolicking with Richard, that is. He’s going to father her babies, apparently. Richard was feeling randy and coming onto Tony & Guy – even though, or maybe especially because Guy’s his flatmate. So yeah, Guy was in high demand, so I thought it best to just sit back and watch all the crazy games. Even if I have always had a weakness for scrawny bi boys with Issues. Weakness – ha! Maybe Long Term Addiction might be a better way of phrasing it.

I drank a lot at Laundry, cos Anji kept buying me drinks. So that made me kinda tired, so I ended up leaning on her. I complimented her on her breasts, cos they were so comfy, and she encouraged me to give them a good squeeze. So I did. She was quite surprised. She’s always doing that sort of thing to me and Karen though, grabbing our breasts, so I figured it was only fair she got her come-up-ance. They say more than a handful’s a waste anyways…. Hahaha. We’re not in Kentucky anymore, Dr. Ropata.

Eventually, we decided to leave Laundry for The Peel, or “The Squeal” as Tony was calling it – some gay night club. Anji promised to find me a Village Person that I could dance on a podium and do amyls with. I don’t think I would have been greatly enthused at that. But still. Half of us went up in Lee’s car, and others (ie me and stuff) took a cab. Tony was riding his bike, never to show up again.

So yes, went in & checked my coat. Anji bought me (well, she still had $50 of mine I’d given her for the E that Richard’s friend had never come through with) another Vodka Lime and Soda or two, and a cock sucking cowboy – baileys and butterscotch schnapps. Mmm. So yeah, we all kinda stood around in a cluster, and the little games continued a bit more. For all that it was a “gay bar” it didn’t seem all that different from any other bar/club except that apart from our group, all the other women around were really old and ugly. We were sort of all clustered around the bar, fairly near the door, in a quite tight knot. This guy walked past, and I expected to maybe be pushed a little, or have him put his hand on my back, like people do when they’re trying to get past someone in a crowded situation. Instead, he put his hand on my thigh, ran it over my ass, around my middle and back down to cup my ass again, leering as he walked past. I recoiled, speechless in disgust. When he walked past again, all I could do was shrink back, and he reached out again to grope me. It was so fucking foul. I was not expecting that sort of thing in a gay bar of all places. When Beth and I used to go out night-clubbing in Tokyo, we’d get groped quite a bit, and it occasionally happens when I got out in NZ. I even had my ass pinched in school once – but this just totally creeped me out, because it was like so pre meditated, almost. Plus, I was really pissed off with myself for not slugging the guy. When I told Anji, she was like “I know you probably didn’t want to make a scene (true) but that sort of thing just isn’t on. Tell the boys and they’ll hit him for you”. Then she told Tim, and he was like “where is he? Do you want me to beat him up for you? Point him out, ” which made me giggle, cos Tim so doesn’t seem violent at all.

Five minutes later, him & Lee were snogging. Is it really tacky of me to enjoy watching two gorgeous boys together? I wasn’t staring, I was just happy, cos they’re both so sweet. It’s a bit of a shame that they both bat for the other team – like almost all of Anji’s friends, dammit! Young Anna and I discussed all the games people’d been playing, and had a good laugh. But then it seemed like people were all leaving. Lee gave me huge big hugs, and told me not to make it another five years before I came back to Australia. I was in awe he’d remembered our earlier conversations. And Guy came up to me and put his arms around me and stuff, which was nice, so then I decided to go home, and since Young Anna was looking bored, I asked her if she wanted to come too – since she was staying with Bianca, who’d gome home because Laundry wouldn’t let her in without ID. I got Anji’s keys off her, since I knew she’d come home with Tim, and since Anna knew the way, we walked home. We actually had a really good chat, and had heaps to say, only I was completely exhausted, so I went to bed pretty much straight after we got home. I got the bed, instead of pillows on the floor. Not that the bed was all that much more comfortable, but it’s pretty much the principle of the thing, isn’t it? I must have totally crashed out (that was about 4.30am) because I didn’t wake up when Anji came in around 7am and turned on the light to take out her contacts. Normally, I’m a really light sleeper.

Anji’d brought both Lesbian Anna and Tommy home with her, to smoke pot and play Tekken, but she kicked them out when it started getting light. After all of that, nothing happened with her & Tommy. Or with Tommy & Guy. Apart from anything else, Tommy’s a good country lad and as straight as they come.

It was a shame that we couldn’t get the E’s, but ah well, these things happen. And it’s also a shame that I got groped and that it bothered me so much – but then again, those things happen too, I guess.

Friday September 10th

The morning was waking and sleeping again fitfully because of my cough.

I got up around 1.30pm, went downstairs to write this journal (it’s Sunday now) and eat the leftover Malaysian. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that YAY! I had no hangover. Anji got up like an hour later, so I went to have a shower. Guy came over, and we decided to go to Brunswick Street for coffee. For some reason, we walked through the back streets, past pretty architecturally churches ands tuff. Nice trees, gorgeous lattice work. I think I could live in Melbourne. It’s heaps like Wellington, only bigger and without hills.

Anyways, we were just walking along, when all of a sudden my foot went down a little wrong, so it turned on its side in my wedges. I went flying, clutched and missed Anji, and ended up flat on my face. OUCH! I probably gave a little half scream on the way down, but I had the wind knocked out of me so it took a long time for me to answer Anji and Guy when they asked if I was okay. Then, I had absolutely no idea how the hell I was going to be able to get up, since I’d cut both hands, my knees were stinging, and the rest of me was in shock, so I just laid on the ground and said “I think I’d like to stay here for a while, please. I am comfortable, and this is where I intended to be”. How’s THAT for face saving? Anji was like – “that’s okay – you can just pretend you’re a junkie”. Somehow, I managed to get back on my feet after that. Anji kept asking me to do it again, so Guy could have a chance to laugh at me, rather than just looking concerned, but I declined. Although I did trip over a step in a shop later on. We went to Atomica for coffee, and I had bread&butter pudding too, cos they’re always making it on ‘Ready Steady Cook’ and it was actually really really nice. And the coffee was beautiful; another reason why Melbourne reminds me so much of Welly.

Then Guy wanted to go buy pants from The Sun Store, so we went along too, and I ended up buying this really cool blue top. It’s like a shirt made out of knit fabric, but instead of buttons, it has velcro, for Easy Access. So yay, and double yay for it being half price. Then we went to Johnston Street, because Guy reckoned he’d spotted the missing Thai restaurant, and he was right. So Anji and I picked up menus, feeling a trifle silly knowing we’d be ordering it to be delivered as soon as we got home. I was limping quite badly because my left knee was all crusted over with blood from my fall, so I was wondering if we could order the Thai to be delivered, and then get a ride home with the deliverer, but Anji poo-poo’d my suggestion. So instead, we strolled home at a leisurely pace, investigating lots of shops. I want lots of pillows in fuschia chinese brocade for our lounge, but I restrained myself from buying them. I wanna get like a throw rug or something instead, cos our chairs and couch are really quite ugly. But enough interior decorating.

When I got home, we ordered Thai, and Anji played Nursie with a bottle of dettol while I pretended to be a hard man and not wince too much. When the Thai came, it was soooo yummy. Duck Curry & Chicken Curry & coconut rice – mmmmmmmmm! We started watching “Sling Blade” but I wasn’t really able to concentrate – maybe cos Martin was playing SEAL really loudly, so I went upstairs to run a bath. This time it was nice and hot – a little too hot even, and beautifully sleek with baby oil and a few stolen drops of Orange Blossom. Man! I curled up on my side in the water’s warm embrace, and it was pure heaven. Shame about the floor to ceiling mirror right next to the bath, but luckily that was mostly steamed over.

I went back downstairs and watched the rest of Slingblade, then Anji went to bed. I stayed up for a while, vaguely watching Ben Hur, and writing. Anna and I took turns poking at the fire Bianca had made and then smothered with a too large log, but we finally accepted it as a lost cause. So I went to bed instead, not hanging around to watch Bianca give Anna Accupunture for her back. She said she was going to do me too, to cure my cough, but obviously she didn’t, cos I was coughing all night.

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